Best Subscription Boxes for Kids to Teach STEM Skills

In this day of age, we all love receiving mail! Kids, even more than adults. If you don’t have time at home to plan regular science experiments or adventure with new robotic activities, a STEM focused subscription box is a great reminder to do a STEM project every month in your house! Everyone at home is going to be excited when these boxes arrive in your mailbox every month.

Best Kids Subscription Box to Teach Kids to Code: BitsBox


This Boulder, CO startup was founded by two ex-googlers looking to teach their own children how to code.  It combines both the physical elements and computer to give a child a well-rounded approach on how code works and to think like a programmer.

Each month you receive box with dozens of coding projects, ranging from simple to more advanced. You then login to the Bitsbox website to begin building the app. The app can be shared and played with on any mobile device or computer with a web browser. We loved the characters and themes of the games and kit!

Bitsbox site says it is great for children from 6 to 12 year olds. Sometimes the added extras & toys will feel a little young if your child is on the older side of the spectrum. If you have done other programming apps with your children, most are graphical. This eliminates any syntax errors and is generally easier for kids who are slower to type. However, Bitsbox is typing based making it frustrating for younger children who are slower to type.

Bitsbox uses JavacScript syntax.

Best Robotics Subscription Box for Kids: GoBox


With the GoBox you receive a robotic car. Then each month, for the subscription, you receive a new mission for you robot. The missions are a perfect way to learn how to program, as it walks you through the steps of building and programming for that mission.

The subscription aspect to this robotics kits is great. Many of the robot kits you can buy tend to lose their appeal over time or you run out of projects to do with it. With GoBox, it keeps you engaged the entire time!

The big downside to this subscription box: the kits are $19.99 per month which is the typical subscription box price. But GoBox charges a $189.99 entry fee (when you receive your car). However, generally robotics kits are a higher price point, so even though this is expensive compared to the other type of kits we have reviewed here, it was still worth the price tag!

Best Subscription Box for Kids 9+ Years Old: TinkerCrate


While many of these subscription boxes for kids gear towards a younger age, the TinkerCrate is great for your older makers. Build catapults or hydraulic claws. TinkerCrate is marketed for children ages 9-16. Great for any child who loves building and creating, with most of the projects focused around science and engineering. The monthly subscription is $19.95. This subscription box is our top choice as a gift, as they are probably the most reliable delivery and consistently great activities!

Best Science Subscription Box for Kids: Bluemoon Box


Inspire future scientists with Bluemoon! The experiments are better for children ages 5 to 8 years old. The included book illustrations go along with experiment and really make the learning part of it feel natural. The kids love pretending they are a lab scientist, so buying a lab coat was a fun addition.

Each box includes 2-3 experiments. Some you can do multiple times, but generally you just have the supplies to do each experiment once. Each box focuses around one scientific topic. The site says the subscribers can be as old as 12, but the topics are a little young for 10-12 year olds.

Best STEM Subscription Box for Kids: GenuisBox

Why do we love this science subscription box for kids? It does everything! This is the subscription box focused entirely on developing STEM skills. It gets your child exposed to a  different STEM  topic each month, from weather to engineering to physics.

There are multiple activities in each box around the topic of the month. Parent involvement is minimal with these kits! The kids just went with the kits on their own. The directions and narratives are clearly illustrated and well done.

And another plus side, they donate part of your subscription (only $25/month) to ManyMentors, an awesome STEM mentor program.