About Us

Krystal DeVille


Hi, I’m Krystal DeVille! I’m a Christian wife and a homeschooling mother of three wonderful kids. My goal for STEM Education Guide is to provide educational resources for parents like me. Mothers and fathers that are excited about getting their little involved and interested in STEM.

Sara Haynes

My name is Sara! When I am not guest blog writing, I am a full time marriage and family therapist working with individuals, families, and relationships. I have an undergraduate degree in early childhood education, and taught pre-school for over five years.

My experiences in the therapeutic and classroom setting drive my passion for finding any way to support parents, teachers, homeschool parents, and all caregivers looking for the best resources for their kids. One of the many ways I love to do that is through blog writing!

What We Do Here


Most of the STEM activities you see throughout the site can be done by the whole family. While not always necessary, we encourage siblings and parents to get involved in experiments to help build a family bond.


How We Do It


Experiments – Our kids do most STEM activities and experiments. We like to see how the experiments are performed, which gives us first-hand knowledge of what’s needed and insight into how they are completed.


Book Reviews – We select STEM books from recommendations (our readers), from subject matter experts, or just looking around to find something interesting. We purchase each book and give a summary of our thoughts.


STEM Subscription Reviews – We love subscriptions! Usually, each month you’ll receive a new box full of science experiments.With our reviews, we go hands-on to test and critique what we liked thoroughly and didn’t like.

We love comments! If you’d like to comment on an article, you can also let us know your thoughts at the bottom of every post. If you have a suggestion, we’d love to hear that as well!