Jessica Boschen

What I have learned Jessica Boschen.

Jessica is a teacher and homeschool parent who loves to collaborate with educators from around the world.  She started What I Have Learned in 2012 to share her passion for teaching and education.  She enjoys scaffolding learning for students, focusing on helping our most challenging learners achieve success. 

Jessica started teaching in the classroom in 1999. She has taught all elementary grades, K-5 and worked for UC Santa Cruz focused on educational outreach to school districts and K-16 pathways. She has also been an instructional coach at the school district level and presented professional development for English learners, reading, and math at local universities and other professional organizations.

She has taught at low-income schools her entire career, mainly in rural and suburban low-income areas with high poverty and where families struggle to make ends meet. Seeing light bulb moments during those times was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience.

Jessica holds a B.A. in Literature, a California Elementary Teaching Credential with a CLAD certification, and a Masters in Educational Leadership with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction.

  • Job Title: Teacher, Homeschool Parent
  • Competency: teaching, homeschool, knitting
  • Languages: English
  • Alumni: UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State University
  • Credentials: MA Educational Leadership, CA Teaching Credential
  • Employer: What I Have Learned