Michelle Harler

Michelle Harler, the founder of Guide2Free, is driven by a simple yet impactful philosophy: “Why pay when you can get it for free?.” Starting as a fun project to share discoveries with friends and family, her passion for finding creative ways to save money has shaped Guide2Free into a key resource for savvy savers. Whether she’s uncovering the latest freebies or sharing cost-cutting tips, Michelle’s commitment to helping others save is at the heart of everything she does at Guide2Free.

With over a decade of experience, her knack for finding deals you’d actually want and her commitment to keeping things real have made Guide2Free the place to be for budget-savvy folks. Michelle believes that being smart with your money doesn’t mean missing out. Whether it’s guiding you to the next great freebie, sharing the latest side hustle, or dropping wisdom on how to save without sacrifice, she’s all about helping you live your best life, wallet worries not included.

  • Job Title: Journalist
  • Competency: free samples / product testing / saving money
  • Languages: English
  • Employer: Guide2Free