Nadia Boeckmann

Nadia Boeckmann is a former Journalist, lifestyle blogger, and founder of the Nadia OnPoint website. Her work has appeared on MSN, The Good Men Project, and Wealth of Geeks.  

Nadia has a Diploma in Business Administration but has a soft spot for journalism. She enjoys writing (or tweeting) about anything newsy, trendy, or interesting.

Since 2021, Nadia has established herself as a self-employed blogger and contributed her writing talents to a variety of online platforms and publications. Beyond her professional endeavors in writing and building her site, Nadia cherishes moments with her husband and son, reading, watching Anime, or playing video games (when she has the time!).

  • Job Title: Founder
  • Competency: Entertainment, lifestyle
  • Languages: English, German, Arabic
  • Alumni: Informatics Academy
  • Credentials: D.B.A
  • Employer: Nadia OnPoint