10 Absolute Creepiest Things Parents Confessed Their Kids Said to Them

We all know that kids say the darndest things, but they also sometimes say some of the creepiest. Someone recently asked online what the creepiest things parents have heard from their children are, and the responses did not disappoint. So turn the lights on while you read this one because some are downright chilling. 

1. Ask Grandma Not To Kill Me

While most responses came from parents, some were from people recounting their creepy comments. For example, one such user said that they used to be terrified of going to sleep and would request to sleep in their parent’s bed and leave lights on for going to sleep.

When their parents finally asked what was happening, the child asked their parents to ask grandma not to kill them while they slept. It’s a frightening request in any context, but it’s all the creepier when we learn that grandma died months ago. 

2. Aunt Judy’s House Used To Be Pink

A parent said that when their son was four years old, they were driving around a new neighborhood and passed an old apartment building that their son insisted was their Aunt Judy’s old house, which used to be pink. Easy enough to think of as a young child being silly, but when the parent called Judy later that day, she confirmed the location of her old home and that it had indeed been pink back when she had lived there. 

3. I Was In The Graveyard

Children picking out their parents from heaven is a classic myth. But when some parents jokingly asked their child if they had been picked when their kid was in heaven, they got a much creepier response than expected. The child told their parents they had never been to heaven but had been in the graveyard. 

4. Imaginary Friends On Fire

Many children have imaginary friends, but some seem more threatening than others. For example, one current parent shared a story about their childhood when they had an imaginary friend named “Sally” who she drew with oranges and reds obscuring her face and surrounding her body because she “had fire.”

The user said they later told their mom that Sally had died “in fire” and cried a lot because she was looking for her mom and dad but couldn’t find them. To top it all off, Sally didn’t like the user’s brother very much. But one day, Sally just went away. 

5. Who Is In The Mirror?

An uncle recalled once that they were looking after their nephew, who was very young and still needed help in the bathroom. But while the uncle sat on the sill of the bathtub and the nephew did his business, the young boy pointed into a mirror that showed neither of their reflections and asked, “who is that?”

When the uncle told his sister, the boy’s mother, about this question, she said that a few weeks ago, he had asked who the man standing in the hallway was when no one was there. 

6. Maybe I’ll Wear That To Your Funeral

Many of the responses from parents and people sharing stories of the creepy things they said as children were supernaturally tinged, but not all of them.

One father shared that when he got his nice coat out for the first time in years, his son complimented the coat before saying, “maybe someday I will wear it to your funeral.”

7. A Song About Dying And Coming Back

One parent shared that their five-year-old daughter recently sang a song of her creation in the car. It’s normal enough for creative children to make up songs, but this song was about someone who died and came back and survived.

The song consisted only of a chorus of “Someone went down, and then they died, then they came back, and they survived” on repeat. 

8. Are We Fake?

One parent proudly touted that their five-year-old was very smart and interested in astrophysics and quantum mechanics at just three. That intelligence and interest in science initially made the question of “are we fake?” a little less frightening.

But when the parent confirmed with their co-parent that their child hadn’t heard anything about simulation theory and the boy’s only response to “why do you ask” was a sinister smile, they got very creeped out. 

9. Tell Me About His Legs

Another parent shared a story about their parent watching her grandchild and the initially harmless questions about family that soon led to something stranger. The child asked grandma about her family and whether she had uncles.

When grandma said that she had an uncle Bob, the child excitedly exclaimed, “Tell me about his legs!” This seems strange at first, but apparently, uncle Bob had both legs amputated, and there would have been no way for this child to know that. 

10. Stupid Eff Word Pony

Finally, an uncle shared a story about their niece who used to sleepwalk. They described the girl as “the sweetest,” but one night, while babysitting, the little girl made sounds when she should have been sleeping, and nothing could have prepared the uncle for what he saw.

She was looking at her My Little Pony toys, and when she noticed her uncle picked one up, yelled, “Stupid eff word PONY,” and ripped its head off before growling and asking her uncle “to get the eff word out of my room.” Creepy!

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