Iva Ursano

Iva Ursano is a writer over at Women Blazing Trails and a dog lover. She has been featured in Tiny Buddha, MSN, Wealth of Geeks, Good Men Project, and Thought Catalog, just to name a few. Originally from Canada, she left an abusive relationship and declared bankruptcy in 2013. At 52, she totally reinvented her entire life, taught herself how to become a freelance writer, and moved to Guatemala with two suitcases on a one-way ticket. 

She now helps other women transform their lives, too. 

She also runs a keto website where she shares yummy low-carb recipes and teaches people how to live healthier. Iva is an avid dog lover and volunteers with organizations in Guatemala to help street dogs in need. You can follow her journeys here. 

Iva Ursano.
  • Job Title: Founder
  • Competency: self-improvement, mental health, anti-aging
  • Languages: English
  • Employer: Self