president of USA Joe Biden in blue tie

What President Got the Most Things Wrong?

Krystal DeVille

Ever wondered which U.S. president might have missed the mark more often than not? While it’s essential to remember that ...

The statue of liberty with money all around it.

How The USA Got Into So Much Debt

Krystal DeVille

The U.S. national debt is a topic that’s been on many minds, especially when those numbers just keep climbing. But ...

Walk in the Footsteps of Kings: Must-See Historic Places in Europe

Krystal DeVille

Ah, Europe! A continent steeped in history, where every cobblestone and corner seems to whisper tales from the past. From ...

black family gathering and smiling.

47 Influential Black History Month Quotes To Inspire and Empower

Krystal DeVille

As we celebrate Black History Month every February, it is important to honor and recognize the contributions and accomplishments of ...

10 Biggest Science Breakthroughs Over Human History

Krystal DeVille

Have you ever paused and thought about the incredible scientific discoveries shaping our world? From the tiniest particles to the ...

Old photograph of teacher in school.

Education Techniques from the Past Century

Krystal DeVille

Education has evolved significantly over the past century. As society progresses, so do our methods of teaching and learning. However, ...

the statue of liberty on top of a map of new york city.

10 Most Historic Places in the USA: A Journey Through Time

Krystal DeVille

From battlefields to homes of legendary figures, these sites offer a glimpse into the nation’s soul. Ready to embark on ...

Most Important Dates in History

Krystal DeVille

History is vast, with pivotal moments that have shaped our world and defined generations. From revolutions that birthed nations to ...

WWII German Tanks.

The Most Dangerous Dictators in History

Krystal DeVille

Throughout history, the world has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous leaders. While many have been champions of progress, ...

donald trump photo.

Smartest US Presidents of All Time: A Glimpse into Their Genius

Krystal DeVille

When we think of US presidents, we often consider their leadership qualities, political decisions, and impact on the nation. But ...

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