Sphero Bolt Hands on Review.

Sphero Bolt Review: Fun and Learning With the Latest Robotic Ball

Krystal DeVille

As a tech enthusiast, particularly a robot enthusiast, I’ve seen my fair share of gadgets come and go. The Sphero ...

Best homeschool subscription boxes

Best Subscription Boxes for Homeschoolers: In-Depth Reviews

Krystal DeVille

I choose to homeschool my kids for these principles. The many benefits of homeschooling your children mean that you get ...

The Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Children's Learning

The Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Children’s Learning

Krystal DeVille

Ever since the introduction of mail-order DVDs from Netflix, subscription delivery services have become a growing industry across age groups ...

How Can STEM Education Shape the Future

Krystal DeVille

Think of the great inventors and geniuses from the past: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Albert Einstein. Did you know that ...

STEM Programs: How to Choose the Right Major

STEM Programs: How to Choose the Right Major

Krystal DeVille

The job market has expanded with tons of career options in recent years, leaving many young people at a loss ...

KiwiCo vs MEL Science

KiwiCo vs MEL Science: A Complete Breakdown

Krystal DeVille

KiwiCo and Mel Science make some of the most compelling educational subscription boxes for kids. We test both monthly subscription ...

Kids studying the processes of energy transmission wind turbines wind mills.

Wind Energy Facts for Kids: Discover the Power of the Breeze!

Krystal DeVille

Wind energy is like a breath of fresh air in the world of power, turning the breeze into electricity for ...

school boy with hands up at school classroom with a teacher holding a tablet.

How to Use AI for Teachers: Enhancing Classroom Learning

Krystal DeVille

AI is making its mark in education swiftly, and you probably have noticed already. Teachers like yourself can revolutionize their ...

What to Include in a Teacher's Card

Show Appreciation: What to Include in a Teacher’s Card

Krystal DeVille

Expressing gratitude is good for everyone. In fact, Teacher’s Cards have become a bit of a trend. Gratitude begins with ...

Eye-Opening Education Facts: Learn What’s Truly Happening in Classrooms

Krystal DeVille

Education has always been a cornerstone for societal growth. Learning about educational facts and Statistics can be eye-opening for teachers ...

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