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Best STEM Subscription Boxes

Best STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids: Hands-On Reviews

Krystal DeVille

STEM subscription boxes are a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. You ...

A girl with Magna Tiles and Picasso Tiles

Magna Tiles vs Picasso Tiles, hands-on: 10 Differences to Consider

Krystal DeVille

Magnetic tiles are easy to pick up and put away STEM toys. I have three kids, between three to nine ...

STEM toy buyers guide

STEM Toys That Will Dominate the 2023 Holiday Season

Krystal DeVille

STEM toys kids build a foundation of real-world problem-solving skills using creativity, logic, and collaboration. STEM toys challenge young minds ...

Black Friday STEM toy deals

Black Friday STEM Toy Deals 2023

Krystal DeVille

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday will differ this year, as most retailers are starting the STEM toy ...

Magna-Tiles Black Friday Deals: 2023

Krystal DeVille

Magna-Tiles are the original 3-D building block. They are great for engaging both engineering & creative thinking! Every year, we ...

puzzle wheel

Top STEM Toys for Toddlers: Sparking Early Innovation and Learning

Krystal DeVille

Looking for educational STEM toys for toddlers that are both fun and enlightening? We have found some great toys for ...

Amazon prime day STEM toy deals

Amazon Prime Day STEM Toy Deals – 2023

Krystal DeVille

It’s here again! Amazon Prime Day 2023 is October 10th and 11th. It’s 48 hours of highly anticipated deals with ...

The Best STEM Toys for Girls (for Learning & Fun!)

Krystal DeVille

You’ve seen the Goldie Blox commercial of three engineering girls building a contraption throughout their house, right? If not, definitely ...

Educational subscription boxes for teens

Awesome & Educational Subscription Boxes for Teens

Krystal DeVille

STEM goes well beyond younger kids. There is a wide variety of teen STEM kits available for older kids interested ...

11 Best Coding Robots to Teach Kids to Code (for all ages!)

Krystal DeVille

Teaching your kids how to code when you don’t know how to code yourself can seem intimidating. Luckily, there are ...

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