Magna-Tiles Black Friday Deals 2019

Magna-Tiles are the original 3-D building block. They are great for engaging both engineering & creative thinking!

Every year, we write up about a few great Black Friday deals that we’re tracking to help you with your own holiday shopping research. We write these because they are our own family’s holiday list, so if I’m already doing the research, I figure why not share it?

There are a lot of options for different Magna-Tile sets (including a number of cheaper generic options.) This article will not only give you the best Black Friday deals this year, but also help guide you on which Magna-Tile sets to buy.

1. Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set

This is a great setup for your first Magna-Tiles! It includes 16 squares and 16 triangles – everything you need for your first set to start sparking creativity!

2. Magna-Tiles Freestyle Set

This is a great set for a kid you know who already has a Magna-Tile set and wants one more. This is a new release that also includes square tiles that can be built in any direction.

3. Magna-Tiles Star Dust Set

Looking for a deal on Magna-Tiles? This is another great set that can fit into a budget. While it’s smaller than the above, there’s still plenty you can do with a smaller set. It’s a great way to get started with Magna-Tiles this Black Friday.

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