Best STEM Subscription Boxes

18 Awesome (& Educational) STEM Subscription Boxes for Kids

Krystal DeVille

We all love receiving gifts in the mail – especially my kids! Do you want to create a recurring activity for ...

What Is Computer Science For Kids

What Is Computer Science For Kids? How to Get Kids Started Coding

Krystal DeVille

Computer science is an exciting, ever-changing field with a lot to offer. It is no surprise that people of all ...

Ways to Make Reading a Pleasure

5 Ways to Make Reading a Pleasure, Not a Pain for Your Children

Krystal DeVille

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, frustrated, and alone in your child’s education and are looking for ways to fix ...

20 STEM Projects That Are Great for Middle School

Krystal DeVille

These STEM activities align with learning objectives and lessons for Middle School. Read more to get the full lesson plans for 20 great STEM challenges!

Marty The Robot Review

Marty The STEM Robot Review – Hands-on (Newest Version)

Krystal DeVille

Marty The Robot is the new generation of STEM robotics for kids! What is Marty The Robot Marty is a ...

Coding for kids

Coding for Kids: How Long Does It Take to Learn Coding?

Krystal DeVille

Well…it is not going to be overnight, but it’s going to be a fun journey! That being said, it also ...

Get paid for homework

Should Kids Get Paid for Good Grades?

Krystal DeVille

Paying kids for good grades can be a helpful solution! In high school, I had my first part-time job at a small, ...

Old photograph of teacher in school.

Education Techniques from the Past Century

Krystal DeVille

Education has evolved significantly over the past century. As society progresses, so do our methods of teaching and learning. However, ...

the statue of liberty on top of a map of new york city.

10 Most Historic Places in the USA: A Journey Through Time

Krystal DeVille

From battlefields to homes of legendary figures, these sites offer a glimpse into the nation’s soul. Ready to embark on ...

A girl with Magna Tiles and Picasso Tiles

Magna Tiles vs Picasso Tiles, hands-on: 10 Differences to Consider

Krystal DeVille

Magnetic tiles are easy to pick up and put away STEM toys. I have three kids, between three to nine ...

Rubber Egg Science Experiment and Explanation

How to Make An Eggshell Disappear Science Experiment

Krystal DeVille

Here is another great (and easy) experiment to demonstrate chemical reactions! We’ve been busy at our house with experiments with ...

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