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The Best STEM Toys for Girls (for Learning & Fun!)

Krystal DeVille

You’ve seen the Goldie Blox commercial of three engineering girls building a contraption throughout their house, right? If not, definitely ...

Educational subscription boxes for teens

Awesome & Educational Subscription Boxes for Teens

Krystal DeVille

STEM goes well beyond younger kids. There is a wide variety of teen STEM kits available for older kids interested ...

Guide to the Best STEM Robotics Kits

Your Guide to the Best STEM Robotics Kits

Krystal DeVille

Kids and adults learn best through hands-on and applied learning scenarios, which is where the robot kits come in. You ...

12+ STEM Toys Your 7 & 8-Year-Olds Will Love

Krystal DeVille

In second grade, students are learning about life science, how the earth was shaped, defining problems, and more. The science ...

8 Awesome STEM Toys for 5-Year-Olds

Krystal DeVille

Five-year-olds are enthusiastic learners and problem solvers. At this age, they are learning to count, starting basic addition/subtraction, and telling ...