Art Projects

10 Arts & Crafts Subscription Boxes Kids Will Love

Krystal DeVille

Looking for creative activities this summer? Check out these art and craft subscription boxes for kids! Some combine art and science, while others teach a new skill. Even learn some engineering skills with woodworking and other crafts projects.

laser etching and 3d printing side by side photo.

Laser Etching vs. 3D Printing: A Kid-Friendly Guide

Krystal DeVille

When I first heard about laser etching and 3D printing, it felt like stepping into a sci-fi world. I remember ...

My laser engraver on a school table.

Laser Engraving: STEAM Education and Creative Expression

Krystal DeVille

Home laser engraving has become an easy entry point into STEM and STEAM education. I’ve watched this technology peak students’ ...

xTool F1 laser cutter review.

xTool F1 Laser Engraver Review: Performance and Precision

Krystal DeVille

The xTool F1 is for those who want a portable and powerful laser engraver. Power to engrave and cut a ...

Hidden Messages in Famous Artworks

Krystal DeVille

Art is a fascinating realm where creativity meets interpretation. It’s like a treasure hunt, where each painting or sculpture might ...

Pink Paper Flower Crafts

Pink Paper Flower Crafts for Kids

Krystal DeVille

Ever gazed at a beautiful origami flower and thought, “I wish I could make that!”? Well, guess what? You absolutely ...

Mini Galaxy Jar Necklace

Krystal DeVille

This one isn’t as STEM related as most of our projects, but I think it’s such a cool craft! We ...