10 Arts & Crafts Subscription Boxes Kids Will Love

Today, we’re putting the “A” in STEAM with these 10 creative subscription boxes for kids.

If you’re looking for a subscription box focused on science experiments or coding, we’ have a full post on STEM subscription boxes too!

But, in that post, we don’t have many dedicated to the arts. It’s time to fix that! While we typically focus on STEM, I do think the arts deserve their place.

Our family has tested so many art subscription boxes. I love the arts myself, and I used to subscribe to a watercolor box for adults. Really, I think I have a subscription box addiction… it’s just so fun to receive a box full of surprises every month!

Here are 10 top-rated monthly arts & craft subscription boxes for kids. No single box is the same! Some include books to accompany a project, while others may still have a science focus. I hope it helps you find the right monthly subscription for your family.

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1. Green Kid Crafts

Why this box? Green Kid Craft is a great combination of science and the arts. This is a great option for young children! They have 3 subscription options according to your child’s age. I love that it combines both a science lesson with a craft.

Ages: 2 to 10+

2. Doodle Crate

KiwiCo provides a variety of educational subscription boxes for kids – including art & maker boxes! The Doodle Crate includes a different craft every month that teaches a new technique or tools for different projects. This box is great for older children looking for a fun, unique craft project.

Ages: 9 to 16+

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3. We Craft Box

We Craft Box is a great general craft box that sends quality name-brand materials that last beyond the single project.

Why I really love it? It’s a great deal for siblings! Each box includes enough materials for two children (or for you to do the craft twice!)

Ages: 3 to 9

4. Craft + Boogie

I love this box because it includes multiple crafts themed to the month’s holiday, from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving! There are also recipes and a family game includes in each box. Think of it as your family’s complete holiday celebration in a box.

Ages: 3 to 8

5. Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids explores a different type of “arts” …. the culinary arts! It’s founded by a former teacher and packed with educational content, beyond simple recipes.

Kids get an activity pack with recipes, dinner conversation cards, and more. We received the box and thought the recipes and cards were really well designed. However, you do still have to go grocery shopping for the ingredients – the food isn’t included.

If you’d like to read our full review for Raddish Kids you can check it out here, Raddish Kids hands-on Review.

Ages: 4 to 14+

6. KidArtLit

Why I love this box? It combines art and reading! Each box includes both a book and a craft activity to accompany it.

Ages: 3 to 8

7. Young Woodworkers

Looking for a specific type of project? There are niche art subscription boxes for everything from watercolor painting to woodworking. This woodworking subscription is designed for kids and comes with great projects. It’s great for engineering lessons too, like building this marshmallow catapult!

Ages: 7 to 9

If you’re looking for more woodworking kits, make sure to check out our article, The Best Woodworking & Wood Building Kits for Kids.

Best wood building kits for kids

8. Girls Can! Crate

This box is designed specifically for girls! In each box, she’ll have a hands-on craft project, as well as an activity book about a famous woman in history. Learn about

Ages: 5 to 10

9. Maker Crate

Maker Crate is made by KiwiCo, like the Doodle Crate above. So what’s the difference? In general, the Maker Crate seems to have higher quality projects, like making a punch pillow or macrame.

It’s also $10 more expensive. If you’re looking for simpler crafts, the Doodle Crate is great. If you want more projects and learn new skills, go for the Maker Crate!

Of all these craft subscriptions, this is actually my favorite one for adults to check out for themselves! You and your child would love doing this one together.

Ages: 9 to 16+

10. Terra Create

Terra Create has very unique crafts that you won’t find in many. This is another great one to do as a family. Upgrading to two sets is only an extra $10 (that’s like getting one box 50% off).

Projects have included making soaps, candles, dream catchers, and more.

Ages: 9 to Adult

Wrapping Up

Overall, Green Kid Crafts is my favorite for combing science & art! If you’re buying for siblings, We Craft Box is the best deal.

But all of these boxes are great – it depends on if you’re family is looking for advanced projects, holiday-themed crafts, or educational lessons alongside a craft. If I could get all of these arts and craft subscription boxes every month, I would!

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