Raddish kids Review: What Was Inside Our Box (Plus, $15 Off Coupon Code!)

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Raddish Kids Review.

Our family loved receiving our Raddish kids subscription box. I wanted to share with you exactly what to expect with the Raddish kids cooking box (and give you a coupon code.)

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a Raddish kids cooking subscription box, this article is for you! Prior to purchasing, I really wondered – What can I expect in each Raddish kids box?

In this article, I’ll share with you what was in our kids’ experience, and how our kids enjoyed learning to cook.

But first, here’s a discount for when you sign-up!

Raddish kids Coupon Code

If you’re ready to go ahead and purchase, you can get $15 off your first six months with the below coupon code!

Coupon Code: ATHOME

About Raddish kids

Raddish kids offer monthly culinary fun for children. It’s essentially a cooking club for kids delivered to your doorstep.

While their cooking kit can be purchased only once – the monthly subscription is where the value is. Each month, you’ll receive a different themed culinary box. With new tools each month, kids will want to get involved in mealtime prep.

A major concern I had was receiving the same theme twice. After some digging around I was pleased to find out Raddish kids delivers a new cooking box theme every month. They have had over 70 different boxes so far with no need to repeat in the foreseeable future.

What Ages Is Best For Raddish kids?

Raddish is for kids 4 to 14+. I found that both my older children enjoy cooking and want to join me in the kitchen all the time, but my 5-year-old daughter was especially excited about the Raddish box.

She had fun looking at all the information and pictures that are included.

Raddishkids Offers Three Different Subscription Options:

  1. 12 Monthy: $20 / per cooking kit. This is the most cost-effective subscription I would make sure that your kids will enjoy cooking before signing up for a full year.
  2. 6 Months: $22 / per cooking kit. This would make a great gift for a friend with small kids.
  3. 1 Month: $25 / per cooking kit. If you want to try it out to see if your kids are into it. You can cancel anytime.

See all Raddish Kids subscription plans here.

A Look Inside The Raddish Box

Inside the Raddish Kids box

Each month your subscription will have a cooking theme to it. Included is a kitchen tool that goes along with kids’ recipe guides. The guides are printed on trifold cards heavily laminated, in case anything gets spilled on them, the cards can be wiped clean, which is bound to happen when cooking with littles.

Both kids and I really enjoyed that with each step there was a picture, so they knew exactly what to do, despite not being able to read yet.

Along with the kitchen tool, is a badge to iron on your kids’ apron. Since each month’s cooking recipes are different, kids can collect various badges and display them. A simple idea, but it went over really big with my kids.

kid holding raddish kids donuts kit
Donuts my daughter made with this months subscription box

This month donut molds were included along with the step-by-step recipe. They were easy and fun for my 5-year-old daughter to make.

Two other kid-friendly cooking recipes are also in the box. This includes a shopping list of commonly found ingredients – we found everything at our local grocery store. 

On the back of the cards are a few different culinary skills you can focus on with your child. For this month a few of the culinary skills are Knife Safety Rules, the Proper Way to Set a Table, and How to Properly Use a Whisk (apparently I’ve been using it wrong this whole time lol).

What Else is Included

My Son, 7-years-old, enjoyed the “Hometown Diner Guest Check Book.” He likes taking our dinner order and charging outrages prices for our food!

Home town diner guest check book
My 7-year-old Son liked taking our orders

There are also these little ‘Table Talk’ cards included. These are conversation starters to get you and your kids opening up and sharing at the dinner table. While we didn’t find the questions particularly interesting, I think its a great idea and definitely encourages family mealtime chats and general togetherness, which we love.

Raddish kids conversation cards
Raddish kids conversation cards

Wrapping Up

Overall, for just $20 a month, I think Raddish Kids is great! Some of the activities are better than others but overall we are looking forward to all of the learning, bonding, and fun the Raddish Kids boxes offer. If you want even more recipes and kid culinary skill lessons, their website is full of great content.

For $20 off of the 12-month subscription use CHEF20 code.

Click here to purchase your own subscription and use your coupon code for Raddish Kids above!

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