Things Baby Boomers Did As Kids That Gen Z’ers Can’t Relate To

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Every generation has its unique childhood experiences shaped by the culture, technology, and societal norms of their time. Let’s take a nostalgic trip back to the baby boomer era and explore some things they did as kids that today’s Gen Z’ers might find hard to relate to.

Playing Outside Until Dark

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Before the era of smartphones and video games, baby boomers would spend their afternoons playing outside with neighborhood friends until the streetlights came on. From hopscotch to hide and seek, outdoor games were the order of the day.

Using a Rotary Dial Telephone

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Long before touch screens and speed dial, making a phone call was a mini workout. Baby boomers would have to spin a rotary dial for each number, and if they messed up, they’d have to start all over again.

Watching Shows on a Black and White TV

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Streaming platforms and smart TVs are a staple for Gen Z’ers, but baby boomers grew up watching shows on a black and white TV with only a handful of channels. And yes, they had to get up to change the channel manually.

Listening to Music on Vinyl Records

Before the age of Spotify and digital downloads, baby boomers would listen to their favorite tunes on vinyl records. They’d have to carefully place the needle on the record and flip it halfway through. Doesn’t that sound like a unique music experience?

Writing Letters by Hand

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In the age of instant messaging, it’s hard to imagine waiting days or even weeks for a response. But baby boomers would write letters by hand and mail them to their friends and family. Can you envision the anticipation of waiting for a reply?

Using a Physical Map for Directions

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Long before GPS and Google Maps, baby boomers would navigate using physical maps. They’d have to plot their route and follow it carefully. Road trip without a digital voice guiding you, seems like it would be tough to get around.

Going to a Drive-In Movie Theater

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While Gen Z’ers stream movies on their devices, baby boomers would pile into a car and watch films at a drive-in movie theater. It was a social event as much as a cinematic experience. Doesn’t that sound like a fun night out?

Using Encyclopedias for Research

Before the internet, baby boomers would have to flip through volumes of encyclopedias for their school projects. They couldn’t just Google a question; they had to search for the answer page by page.

Having Only One Television in the House

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In contrast to today’s multi-screen homes, most baby boomer households had only one television set, and the whole family would gather around it to watch their favorite shows together. Can you envision a time when screen time was family time? Sounds kind of sweet!

Developing Photos from a Film Camera

Unlike the instant gratification of digital photos, baby boomers had to wait to see their pictures. They’d take a photo with a film camera, then send the film off to be developed. Can you imagine the excitement of finally seeing your photos?

So, there you have it, ten things baby boomers did as kids that Gen Z’ers might find hard to relate to. It’s a reminder of how quickly times change and how each generation has its unique experiences. Isn’t it fascinating to see how childhood has evolved?

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