What Is Something That Is Bad Parenting but Most People Don’t Acknowledge It?

Krystal DeVille

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Parenting is tough.

It requires patience, love, and care. But here’s the thing: some parents unknowingly do stuff that messes up their kid’s development. Neglect and abuse are recognized as bad parenting, but there’s another thing people don’t talk about—overpraising. When parents constantly shower their kids with praise, it can backfire.

Kids become reliant on external validation, struggle with criticism, and can’t handle failure. Life isn’t always easy, so they need to learn resilience. It’s cool to boost their confidence, but there’s a fine line. Honest feedback and some dose of reality are crucial for their growth.

Here are some thoughts from a recent online forum.

Inconsistent discipline

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Yeah, so this is when parents aren’t on the same page regarding discipline. One day, something might be okay, and the next day it’s not. It’s confusing for kids, you know? They need clear rules and consequences to understand what’s right and wrong.


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Picture this: parents showering their kids with tons of stuff, no questions asked. But here’s the thing, when kids get everything without having to work for it, they don’t learn the value of hard work or how to appreciate things. It can lead to entitlement, which is not a good look.

Neglecting Emotional Needs

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Sometimes parents focus so much on the physical needs of their kids that they forget about the emotional stuff. Kids need love, attention, and support, you know? Ignoring their emotions can mess with their development and their ability to form healthy relationships later on.

Lack of Boundaries

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This is when parents don’t set limits for their kids. They grant them absolute liberty, allowing them to pursue any whim at any time exuberantly! But boundaries are important, man. They teach kids discipline, respect for others, and the importance of personal limits. Without them, it’s chaos.


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Okay, imagine parents who are like helicopters, always hovering around their kids, not letting them do anything on their own. Yeah, it might seem like they’re keeping them safe, but being too overprotective can stunt a child’s independence, problem-solving skills, and resilience. They need some room to grow, you know?

Using Physical Punishment

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This is when parents think that hitting their kids is an okay way to discipline them. But here’s the deal: it just teaches kids to be scared and aggressive, and it can even lead to a cycle of violence. There are better ways to teach them how to behave and solve problems without resorting to physical punishment.

Ignoring Individuality

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We’re all unique, right? Well, some parents don’t get that. They don’t pay attention to what makes their kids special, their interests, talents, and dreams. That can really limit a child’s self-expression and personal growth. Let them be themselves, man!

Overemphasis on Achievement

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So, you know those parents who push their kids like crazy to be the best at everything? Yeah, it’s not cool. It puts so much pressure on them to be perfect that they can burn out, get anxious, and feel like their worth depends on their achievements.

Let kids be kids and enjoy the journey, not just the end result.

Lack of Communication

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Communication is key, my friend! But some parents don’t take the time to talk openly and honestly with their kids. It’s important to create an environment where they can share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Without good communication, trust and understanding suffer, and that’s not good for anyone.

Modeling Negative Behavior

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Parents, listen up! Kids look up to you and imitate what you do. If you’re always showing them aggressive behavior, substance abuse, or unhealthy relationships, guess what? They’re gonna think it’s normal. It’s important to be a positive role model and teach them the right way to live and treat others.

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