10 Weirdest Things Women Confessed To Crying About During Pregnancy

Krystal DeVille

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Pregnancy is a hormonal, emotional rollercoaster for women.

Things you typically don’t fall to pieces over wind up inspiring laments worthy of Greek tragedies. Like cravings, the source of a pregnant woman’s tears is often odd and, sometimes, hilarious. Others, you side with the pregnant lady, hands down. From food to film, here are some of the wildest things that led to a pregnant woman crying.

1. Potty Tearjerker

This mom had no clue she was pregnant until after. While napping, her husband watched their two daughters. After waking up, her husband tells her how their 4-year-old had limbs akimbo because they had to pee and couldn’t get their pants down. Her “hysterical” laughter changed to crying, and the lightbulb, with “pregnant” on it, went off for her husband. They confirmed it with a doctor a few days later.

2. Escargot Slaughter

Beware of some cravings. Seven months into her pregnancy, a woman craved escargots, a dish she usually hated. After inviting her dad to lunch, they meet up, and she gets her escargots. Unfortunately, after seeing one of their “little antennas out,” she begins bawling in the restaurant, feeling like “the most awful person alive.”

3. Little Debbie Love

Before giving birth after Christmas, one pregnant woman experienced heartbreak that still upsets her today. She had a craving for Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree Cakes. Around Halloween, many stores kept the tinsel tree morsels in stock, but approaching Christmas, none were left. She flew “into hysterics,” randomly crying about the missing cakes.

4. Defrosting Chicken

Craving a particular food is typical, but so is an aversion to other foods while pregnant. After arriving home, a pregnant woman saw her boyfriend making dinner, and he’d set out a chicken to defrost.

She started “ugly crying” because she felt he didn’t care since he knew she couldn’t stand eating chicken while pregnant. However, that was his meal prep, and he made her a separate meal. Then, laughing, he brought her dinner in bed, and she continued crying because she felt foolish to assume he didn’t care.

5. Pickle Jar Battle

Frustration is understandable. Hormonal frustration is on another level. Losing the battle over opening a pickle jar made one pregnant woman cry. Those jars are tough to open. To anyone not in the know, take a butter knife and tap on the lid a few times. It will twist right off.

6. Ice Age Sobs

Sometimes beloved films hit too close to home, even heartwarming ones. While watching Ice Age, a pregnant woman broke down, “sobbing and shaking.” The part where a baby loses its family was too much for her “pregnant tender heart.”

7. Nutella Destruction

Here, a craving spells bawling. While pregnant and enjoying Nutella, she noticed “toast crumbs” in the scoop she ate and promptly began sobbing because her Nutella “was ruined.”

8. Cupcakes, Not Muffins

Even without pregnancy, sending someone out for a specific item is annoying, and they return with something else entirely. A mom-to-be cried after sending her husband out for cupcakes.

Not only did he come back without them, he brought muffins, insisting cupcakes and muffins are “basically the same thing.” Her anger led to crying, and no. They are not the same.

9. Too Many Choices

One mother-to-be was on the baby aisle at Target, sobbing. Why do you ask? There were too many items to choose from, so she cried. Though not pregnant, sometimes the scope of things can be overwhelming.

10. Snuggles

One person pointed out their sister’s craving. Her sister’s teary-eyed call was about her craving to “snuggle a donkey.” Truthfully, I’m not sure I could keep a straight face and hold back bellows of laughter. It’s so sweet, yet so funny. Get this woman a donkey now!

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