10 Best Insights: Anyone Notice the Insane Parenting Standards Today?

Krystal DeVille

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Mother becoming frustrated with daughter whilst doing homework.

Thanks to social media algorithms, you’re constantly bombarded with studies about how you should parent. A parent recounts how they had to rethink several choices due to articles they had read.

There are very few things that internet experts qualify as okay. So, after asking whether other people face the same challenge, here’s what people had to say.

Respecting the Baby’s Autonomy

A parent practicing gentle parenting shared how the diaper changing consent gets thrown at them 100% of the time. Some people seem to have problems changing their kid’s diapers without permission from their infant. Kids are immature and often fight health and safety things like diaper changes.

Obsessing Over Security

There is a reasonable level of safety that every parent needs to observe. However, one shared that most parents nowadays are cautious to a fault.

All they seem to be doing is worrying about everything that could theoretically harm or kill their child. Parents who break any set safety rules face a lot of judgment and are on the bad parent list.

The Double Standards

For every parenting advice you get, there’s probably something to counter it. A parent shared how you’re supposed to sleep when the child sleeps, but also clean to impossible standards as they sleep.

Standards dictate that you should use pacifiers as they reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but don’t use them as they promote neglect. You can never get anything right from walkers, vaccines, bouncers, and cosleeping.

Discipline is Abuse

Almost all forms of discipline receive criticism. A parent stated that sending your kids on time out is seen as a withdrawal of affection. Telling them to count backward is now authoritarian. The alternative is to relinquish control to the toddler, and you have no authority over them. 

The Swaddling Olympics

Another parent shared how swaddling stirs a lot of debate. The truth is some babies love swaddling while others don’t. It’s up to you to do what’s best for your kids.

An Obsession With Lead 

The obsession with lead-free everything is crazy. A user stated their sister couldn’t allow their mother to get Christmas lights because they have lead. Worrying about electrocution is more reasonable if the kids chew on the cords rather than lead poisoning for Christmas lights.

The Interaction Scripts

A parent shared their struggle when talking to their kids since anything could traumatize them or cause damage. Understandably, people are trying to help, but remembering everything you say can be exhausting.

Crazy Progress Timelines

The internet decides when your baby is old enough to do certain activities. Another parent said they felt obligated to push their baby to transition from a sleep sack. She finally did it independently.

After that, they started following her lead and shifted to new things when she was ready. It’s best to follow your kid’s personality and abandon everything that doesn’t work for you.

The Gast Stove Criticism

Several thread contributors chimed in on the gas stove debate. One parent said they have a fireplace, a dog, and a cat, and many people tell them it’s a bad idea. The alternative is selling their house and getting rid of the pets, which is impossible. This contributor also grew up with a gas stove and said they turned out well.

Unsolicited Advice

Have you seen the videos of smug parents saying what you should or shouldn’t do? Another parent said they do not need to hear what worked for another person’s kid. Just because something works for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Internet mothers are not the mothers of all mothers.

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