Jobs That Absolutely Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

Krystal DeVille

In an era of rapid technological advancement and automation, it’s surprising to find that some jobs, which seem outdated or unnecessary, still exist. While these roles may seem redundant in our modern world, they continue to persist, often due to tradition, legal requirements, or simply because we haven’t found a better solution yet. Here are ten jobs that you might be surprised to learn still exist in 2023.

1. Elevator Operator

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While most elevators are now fully automated, there are still places where elevator operators are employed, often for historical or luxury reasons.

2. Video Store Clerk

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Despite the rise of streaming services, some video rental stores have managed to survive, offering a nostalgic experience for customers.

3. Parking Meter Collector

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Even as digital payment options become more common, some cities still employ individuals to collect coins from parking meters.

4. Payphone Repair Technician

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While payphones are increasingly rare, those that remain still require maintenance and repair. Most of the payphones still in use, are in New York.

5. Newspaper Delivery Person

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Despite the rise of digital news, some people still prefer to read a physical newspaper, keeping this job alive.

6. Travel Agent

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While online booking platforms have become the norm, some people still prefer the personal touch of a travel agent, especially for complex itineraries.

7. Human Billboard

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Even in the age of digital advertising, some businesses still employ people to hold or wear signs advertising their services.

8. Restroom Attendants

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In certain high-end restaurants, clubs, or event venues, restroom attendants are still employed to offer a range of services from handing out towels to maintaining cleanliness.

9. Telemarketer

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Despite the annoyance they cause and the rise of digital marketing strategies, telemarketing jobs still exist, as some companies continue to see value in this direct approach.

10. Tax Preparation Workers

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Even with the availability of online tax preparation software, some people still prefer to have their taxes done by a professional, keeping companies like H&R Block in business.

While these jobs may seem outdated, they serve as a reminder of how diverse the job market can be, and that there’s often more than one way to get a job done. As we progress, it will be interesting to see which jobs stand the test of time and which ones finally become a thing of the past.

This article was originally published on STEM Education Guide.

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