Most Unusual School Subjects Around the World

Education varies greatly around the world, not just in terms of quality and access, but also in what children are taught. While reading, writing, and arithmetic form the backbone of most curriculums, some countries offer unique subjects that might surprise you. Here are ten of the most unusual school subjects taught around the world.

1. Arctic Survival in Greenland

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In Greenland, students learn how to survive in the Arctic environment. This includes lessons on building shelters, hunting, and navigating the icy wilderness.

2. Gastronomy in France

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French students learn about gastronomy, the art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. This subject reflects the country’s renowned culinary culture.

3. Calligraphy in Japan

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Japanese students learn the art of calligraphy, reflecting the importance of tradition in Japanese culture.

4. Happiness in Bhutan

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In Bhutan, a country that measures Gross National Happiness, students are taught about happiness and wellbeing.

5. Chess in Armenia

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In Armenia, chess is a mandatory subject. The country believes that chess helps develop strategic thinking and intellectual development.

6. Vine-growing and Winemaking in Italy

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In certain regions of Italy, students learn the art of vine-growing and winemaking, reflecting the country’s world-famous wine industry.

7. Mindfulness in the UK

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Some schools in the UK have introduced mindfulness as a subject to help students manage stress and improve concentration.

8. Sauna Studies in Finland

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In Finland, where saunas are a significant part of national culture, there are courses dedicated to the study of saunas, including their history, construction, and etiquette.

9. Traffic Safety in Germany

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German students take traffic safety lessons, where they learn about road signs, bicycle safety, and even basic car mechanics.

10. Robot Science in South Korea

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South Korea, known for its technological advancements, offers robot science to students, teaching them to build and program robots.

These unusual subjects reflect the unique cultures, values, and priorities of their respective countries. They remind us that education is not just about core academic subjects, but also about preparing students for life in their specific cultural and environmental context.

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