10 Genuine Opinions About Removing a Toddler From Daycare for Biting

Krystal DeVille

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Parenting can be a circus, especially when your kid is a biter. Recently, a parent shared their horrible experience after their child was kicked out of daycare for biting. Here are what other parents had to say. 

1. Kids Choose To Be Biters

One parent admits that their sister has two kids, the first one never bit anyone, but the second was in a biters group at her daycare. Both kids have the same parents, daycare, and home environment. One kid just chose to bite as a way to communicate.

2. Give Your Child a Wood Block 

Another contributor shares that their brother was a biter. He was kicked out of daycare, but their mom found a lasting solution. She gave him a hard square wood block and compelled him to bite on it until he cried. He had to repeat this every time he bit someone and finally stopped.

3. Teach Your Kid Conflict Resolution

A third parent states that they had a similar occurrence, and they realized they handled conflicts somewhat differently with one kid compared to the other. They experienced fewer conflicts with one kid when they were home. However, there were more conflicts with the younger kid due to the older sibling.

They’d tell the older kid to leave the little one alone and give back the toy whenever conflicts occurred. However, they did not teach the younger kid what to do in case of a dispute. Finally, biting grabbed their attention to the issue, and they started teaching the younger kid how to resolve conflict. Over time, the biting reduced.

4. It’s Just a Phase

Another confesses that they also had a biting problem when growing up. Their parents were mortified, and they came close to being kicked out of daycare. Luckily, they outgrew the habit once they learned how to express their feelings better. They developed into fully functional and successful human beings. 

Their kid also went through this phase, but she outgrew it quickly. Her daycare helped by preventing situations that could lead to biting. But, after trying things like stopping fun when they bite and reading books about biting, all you can do is wait. They’ll probably grow out of it.

5. We All Have Biters

A parent shares that they are in the same predicament. Their daycare threatened expulsion, so they decided to switch centers. They hope that the change in scenery will help. They felt embarrassed about the situation and frustrated that they had no control. It’s even worse as they are expecting their second child. They’re hoping the biting goes away before she’s born. 

6. Get a Better Daycare

Get a better daycare! One admits that their current 10-year-old was a biter. However, they were lucky that their daycare handled it well. The staff trailed her to intervene. As a result, she outgrew it with age and is now a healthy kid.

7. Toddlers Are Odd

Kids have peculiar behavior. It is hard to reason with a two-year-old. Having a biting kid does not reflect negatively on you. Group care may not be the best option right now. It would be best to hire one-on-one care for some months.

8. Find a Smaller Daycare

A daycare operator says preventing biting for parents feels helpless since you cannot control a habit you can’t see or recreate at home. They once had a biter at their daycare who they had to expel. When they moved to a smaller daycare, he stopped biting. So a smaller ratio group is all they need. 

9. Child Therapist

Another commenter shares that their sister went through this issue with her daughter. They brought a child therapist to observe her and give the teacher pointers on how to solve the problem.

As a result, the biting reduced, but she still occasionally bit other kids. This resulted in her being kicked out of the daycare. She moved to another daycare and ended up in one where their approach to discipline worked. Biting became a non-issue.

10. Hire a Nanny 

Finally, a parent says their 20-month son was kicked out of daycare, which was the worst feeling ever. They tried everything, but the daycare kept blaming them. Finally, they got a nanny, and their child responded positively.

When they started approaching preschools, they were open about the biting. After enrolling him, the director immediately noted his triggers and started working with him on the problem. Being kicked out says more about the daycare than the parent.

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