10 Terribly Unsettling Things Parents Witnessed Their Children Say or Do

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While children can be sweet and innocent, they can also be creepy. To know that, you only have to watch horror movies like The Omen, Hereditary, Pet Sematary, and Children of the Corn.

But that notion extends to the real world, as well. Kids are known to say and do things that can disturb us. One internet user asked, “what is the most unsettling thing you have heard/seen your child do?” These were some of the best answers.

1. Naked Scissor Holding

A disturbed parent described when their son walked into the room with no clothes on and scissors in his hand. The child then asked why his younger sister didn’t have male genitalia, suggesting he intended to cut it off if he found she had.

The responses from horrified users were en masse, with many suggesting the comment couldn’t be beaten for creepiness. One said, “you win,” and they were probably right.

2. The Blue Lady

A father in the discussion told of when his daughter started talking about “the blue lady.” When he and his wife asked who the blue lady was, the child replied, “I don’t know, but she wants her hands back.”

Chilled to the core, the parents were relieved when they saw a commercial for hand cream, with a woman in a blue postal worker outfit saying, “thanks to this cream, I got my hands back.”

Relieved and amused readers replied in their droves, with one asking a legitimate question: how many of these weird situations can be explained by random things like this, but the parents never discover it? Interesting thought.

3. Don’t Stab the Baby

One mother answered that when she told her three-year-old son she was pregnant, he grabbed her stomach, stopped to think for a moment, then said, “and we don’t stab the baby with knives?”

Many more people than you might expect replied with similar stories, with one saying that their niece said, “we don’t hit Grammy with the car, no?” when she was around the same age.

4. Mommy’s Mommy

A user responded about the time their daughter sang the alphabet for the first time at the breakfast table. After congratulating her, the parent asked the child if she’d been practicing her ABCs at daycare. “No, mommy’s mommy taught me when I was in bed,” was the reply. Mommy’s mommy had passed away three years earlier.

User responses ranged from skeptical to intrigued, with one asking if the little girl had ever met her grandmother. She had, but she was only three months old then, so there was no foundation or explanation for what she said happened.

5. Why Were You in My Room?

While playing in the backyard with her four-year-old daughter, one poster had to go inside quickly to do something in the kitchen. When she returned to her daughter, the child asked why she had been in her room upstairs, as she’d seen someone looking down from the window at her. Upon checking, the mother (who hadn’t been upstairs) found nobody else in the house.

Other users replied, describing similar experiences of their kids seeing people who aren’t there. But one said they hate that, as the adults in these situations, parents are forced to inspect these claims while terrified.

6. The Parents

One parent answered that their daughter would start panicking at bedtime, worried that “the parents” would visit her during the night. The user said they didn’t know who that was. Could it be them? Could it be ghosts? Could something terrible be happening involving the parents of the daughter’s friends?

The answer came a few weeks later. The family was driving when the daughter pointed at some scarecrows and exclaimed, “it’s the parents!” The daughter was scared of scarecrows and thought they were called parents. Cue lots of references to the film Coraline in the replies.

7. Goodnight, Dad

A father answered that his wife was taking their 16-month-old son to bed when the wife said, “say goodnight, Dad” to the infant. The child removed his pacifier and said, “good night, Dad,” with perfect pronunciation. He hasn’t spoken anywhere near as clearly since.

It elicited several responses from parents who’d experienced similar things. One said their baby had answered a hypothetical question by saying “yeah” very clearly and once said “careful” to himself while playing.

8. An Electrifying Story

One mother described how she was putting her three-year-old daughter to bed, and the toddler asked, “Mommy, can you tell me a story where we all get electrocuted?”

It prompted laughter from several users, with one almost spitting their tea out. Another poster agreed with the kid and said, “I wanna hear it, too!”

9. !em pleH

Another user described how their son went through a phase of writing “help me” and “let me out” on everything. Then it evolved into writing “help me” backward on things (“em pleH”). It creeped the parents out.

As it turned out, the son had been watching a Goosebumps episode in which a girl got trapped inside a mirror. So when she would write “help me,” it would look like it was written in reverse to people in the real world.

10. Feeding a Dead Wolf

Finally, one described how their nephew would refer to someone called “Cody” and take snacks for him. The family believed Cody was a classmate, as there was somebody at the boy’s school with that name.

However, after allowing the nephew to take them to Cody, they discovered he was the rotting carcass of a dead wolf in a cave, and it was surrounded by the wrappers of snacks the boy had been taking to it.

One user asked if the boy believed the wolf was sick and needed food. The reply was that he thought it was sleeping.

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