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My son learning with magnetic tiles.

Magnetic Tiles vs Traditional Blocks: A Comparative Analysis

Krystal DeVille

When it comes to magnetic tiles vs traditional blocks, they have a lot in common. They get the creative juices ...

My Son setting up our laser engraver.

Best Portable Laser Engraver: for On-the-Go Crafting

Krystal DeVille

So you want a laser engraver, but you need it to be portable. That makes sense. I was in the ...

Flashcards - The Fastest Way for Kids To Learn Math

Flashcards – The Fastest Way for Kids To Learn Math

Krystal DeVille

Math Flashcards are an excellent game for kids to improve their memory. After playing or practicing on the flashcards, the ...

11 Fun & Educational STEM Activities at Home

Krystal DeVille

Looking for some new educational activities to do at home with your kids staying at home? Look no further! I’ve ...

My laser engraver on a school table.

Laser Engraving: STEAM Education and Creative Expression

Krystal DeVille

Home laser engraving has become an easy entry point into STEM and STEAM education. I’ve watched this technology peak students’ ...

xTool F1 laser cutter review.

xTool F1 Laser Engraver Review: Performance and Precision

Krystal DeVille

The xTool F1 is for those who want a portable and powerful laser engraver. Power to engrave and cut a ...

Lovevery hands-on review

lovevery Review: Everything You Need to Know

Krystal DeVille

Experts design lovevery Play Kits for your child’s developing brain. My family has reviewed dozens of STEM and educational subscription ...

Introduction to Laser Cutting for Kids.

Introduction to Laser Cutting for Kids: Basics & Crafts!

Krystal DeVille

Laser cutting is like using a super-thin, super-focused beam of light to slice through materials like a hot knife through ...

15 Fun Spring STEM Activities & Science Experiments

Krystal DeVille

Springtime is here! Whether you’re looking for great STEM activities for Earth Day or simply want spring themed science experiments, here’s our weekly dose ...

Spa Day Science: 7 Creative Projects for Making Your Own Lip Balm, Soap, Bath Bombs and More!

Krystal DeVille

Who says scientists don’t also love to pamper themselves? It is too easy to imagine that all “scientists” work in ...