10 Best Examples of Tell Me You Have a Toddler Without Telling You Have a Toddler

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10 Best Examples of Tell Me You Have a Toddler Without Telling You Have a Toddler

Children are the pride and joy of any parent. However, toddlers provide parents with entertainment in ways they would have never imagined. We asked what they thought about how it is living with a toddler. This is what they said. 

1. Random Pictures and Videos in Your Gallery

Having random pictures sneaking into your gallery is typical for an adult. Give the toddler your phone, and you will have the strangest photographs and videos.

One responded by explaining how their two-year-old made a video longer than a few seconds of them in darkness babbling. Their child flipped the camera, switched it to slow motion, and moved it across her face. 

2. Leftovers

A user remarked how their fridge is filled with small plates of half-eaten food, believing their child would eat it before it turns sour. Another agreed and added that if you do decide to toss the food in the bin, the toddler throws a tantrum, which is the worst thing in the world because all they want is that specific food. 

3. Missing Household Items 

Don’t you hate it when something of yours is missing? Many users agreed that their items had gone disappeared because their children had decided to take them and hide them in their rooms.

One such parent claimed their toddler might be a baby dragon instead due to them hoarding any object which was either little, soft, sparky, or stretchable.

A second commenter claimed that their toddler’s crib is overflowing with things by the end of the day and that it takes almost ten minutes to take everything out! 

4. Vacuuming

As a fully functioning adult, I have never understood the fascination with children wanting to vacuum. Someone replied how their son chats away about the vacuum.

He would mention the vacuum if their son sees anything dirt or the like. Should the parent open the storage closet, their child would beg to use the vacuum. At least the parents would have little helpers when cleaning and encouraging children to clean up after themselves. 

5. A Cluttered Home

I could never function in a messy home, but if you have children, you would have no choice but to keep trying to keep the house spotless. Someone shared that having three sons in their house can never be cleaned in the morning.

She has begun tidying her home after they have gone to bed. Another mentioned, “Cleaning the house while kids are still growing is like shoveling the [side]walk while it’s still snowing.”

6. Stolen Food

Toddlers always want adults are having, and it is a tale as old as time. Several users agreed on how toddlers would want the food they are having; it doesn’t matter if it is a drink or food.

Their toddlers would throw tantrums if they didn’t get what mummy and daddy had on their plates. One confirmed and further explained that they have begun using their antics against them to make their child eat healthier by putting the food on their plates. Innovative thinking, gold star for you!

7. Finding Random Food Everywhere

If you have a toddler, you probably are subject to finding food in places you never expected. An individual claimed they have an issue with crackers. They clean and vacuum all day, but much like glitter, they never go away.

A second answered their furniture has tiny yogurt hand prints and fears they are more in places they have not discovered yet. Another voiced how they discovered a  banana at the bottom of their laundry hamper.

8. Company While You’re In the Bathroom

Toddlers love to be near their parents and may follow them into the bathroom, making alone time a rare luxury for parents.

Several users agreed about how their child follows them when they go to the toilet; whether it was inside the bathroom or outside, their child had to provide some extra company. Another individual wrote how their child climbs into the bathtub and plays while they are doing their business on the toilet. Some users also expressed how their toddler climbs onto their laps.

9. Dinosaurs 

It’s not unusual for toddlers to show an interest in dinosaurs. Many young children are enthralled by these extinct species and enjoy learning about them from books, toys, and movies. This fascination can promote curiosity, creativity, and an interest in science and history.

However, many parents agree that “stepping on plastic dinosaurs is worse than legos.”  Another noted that dinosaurs had taken over her house by being very nook and cranny. One final commenter described they could view at least seven figures under different furniture. 

10. Cold Cups of Tea/Coffee

Having toddlers, any parent would know their curious minds and active bodies and often demand attention from their parents. If you, as a parent, have made yourself a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy, you might not be able to appreciate it fully and may need to reheat it several times. Somebody commented they could not find any of their mugs.

Only to realize the cups were scattered throughout the house, half filled with cold coffee on surfaces higher than their toddler.  If you, as a parent, have made yourself a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy, you might not be able to appreciate it fully and may need to reheat it several times.  

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