Why a Trip to r/teachers Has Motivated Me to Homeschool Like Never Before

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When does venting by teachers go too far, especially when they’re responsible for the well-being of young children? One parent was so disgusted by the discourse on r/Teachers regarding special needs children that they’re worried they’ll have to homeschool them.

Their child is only 2.5 years old, so they’re not old enough to attend school yet. Still, the derogatory comments about children who have learning disabilities or special needs by teachers, nonetheless, may have put her off of public schooling for good.

Public School Can Be a Harsh Place

One woman claimed she has a lifelong friend who works in public schools that have told her countless “war” stories of the awful things that go on. Because of the inappropriate behavior of teachers and administrators, this person doesn’t feel comfortable with those sorts of people teaching her child.

Another person lamented that the horrible teachers are always the ones the school can’t fire because they have tenure. Sometimes, your child doesn’t just have to worry about bullying from other students but also from cruel teachers.

However, others observed the hateful, ignorant, and racist teachers participating in that forum. While they grant being a teacher is stressful and demanding work, the number of posts of that nature has disturbed them.

Teachers Are Frustrated Because Schools Are Lacking Resources

Some suggested that the comments in the community are more of a cry for help due to the public schooling system’s lack of resources being provided to teachers. Lacking funding, training, and support are just some of the reasons that public schools are struggling to meet the needs of many children, especially those with special needs.

This is why they plan on homeschooling their kids and getting them involved in many extracurriculars so they can have the best of both worlds. However, lacking resources may also lead to miscommunication, leading parents to think teachers don’t care about their children.

One claimed that teachers hate IEPs on that subreddit, but another contested this claim, saying they don’t hate IEPS but hate that they lack the time and resources to support the student properly.

Adding more context, they argued that IEP meetings are scheduled outside contact hours and are unpaid. When you realize teachers have over 30 students in a class, half of which can be IEPs, you can see how these teachers are struggling.

Not All Socialization Is Good Socialization

A user who was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school and had plenty of neurotypical and neurodivergent friends was confused when asked if those kids got bullied.

Unable to understand why that was considered normal behavior in public schools, they contend that socialization is not a reasonable primary argument for kids to attend public school.

Another person concurred, saying that people need to grant that not all socialization is good socialization. While it’s a common concern that homeschooled kids might be socially isolated and have difficulty making friends, they’re just as likely to face ridicule, bullying, and social ostracization in public schools.

A Subreddit Isn’t Reflective of Average Teachers

One person intervened on the original poster’s implication that teachers are making public schools unfit for children with special needs by reminding them that subreddits are a place for people to vent anonymously. By nature, this often brings out the worst in people or attracts particularly evil people. However, that doesn’t mean the posts on this forum reflect most teachers’ attitudes, no matter how vile they may be.

Private Schools As a Middle-Ground

A parent who took their daughter out of public school and transferred her to a private school said it was because her daughter was victim-blamed for the bullying she faced. The daughter has autism and endured four miserable years in public school, where her peers teased her.

While they homeschooled her during the lockdown, there were concerns about the limitations of education through Zoom, especially for a child with a learning disability. Private school, in their view, is a good compromise so she can get proper socialization and receive genuine support.

Children With Special Needs May Benefit From Homeschooling

Many parents insisted that homeschooling was a saving grace for their neurodivergent children, especially those with ADHD or autism. One of the parents said it’s the best decision they ever made for their child, who has severe ADHD and is likely on the autistic spectrum.

Once they put them into homeschooling, their child made considerable improvements in learning rather than wasting time arguing with his teachers. Even the special-ed classrooms tailored for neurodivergent children caused problems for the child.

They insist their child isn’t a troublemaker. He couldn’t stand the school environment, and now he can enjoy a slow learning pace with flexible breaks and gentle but stern guidance. It helps him focus and learn much more effectively.

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