10 Skills from the “Good Old Days” That Aren’t Important Anymore

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Times change, and along with them, certain skills that were once considered valuable have become less significant in today’s world. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and explore ten skills from the “good old days” that don’t really matter anymore. While these skills may hold sentimental value, it’s important to recognize the evolving needs and priorities of our modern society.

Fancy Handwriting

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Back in the day, having beautiful cursive handwriting was highly valued. But with the rise of digital communication and typing, the art of fancy penmanship has taken a backseat and is no longer considered essential.

Memorizing Phone Numbers

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Once upon a time, we had to memorize the phone numbers of family and friends. But now, with smartphones and digital contacts at our fingertips, our brains don’t need to work as hard to remember all those digits.

Typewriter Skills

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In the past, being a skilled typist on a typewriter was a sought-after ability. However, in today’s world of computers and word processors, the focus has shifted to digital typing skills like keyboard proficiency and typing speed.

Navigating with Maps

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Gone are the days of unfolding paper maps to find our way around. GPS technology and digital mapping apps on our smartphones have made the skill of reading traditional maps less relevant in our daily lives.

Film Development

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In the era of digital photography, the days of developing film and working in a darkroom have largely faded away. Instant digital image capture and editing have made the old film processing skills less necessary.

Dialing a Rotary Phone

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Rotary phones were once a common sight, but today’s touch-tone and mobile phones have made the skill of dialing on those circular, numbered dials obsolete.

Basic Knitting and Sewing

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While knitting and sewing skills are still admired as hobbies, the need for them to meet basic clothing needs has diminished with the availability of affordable, ready-to-wear clothing.

Physical Dictionaries

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Flipping through the pages of a physical dictionary to find word meanings was once a common practice. However, in the age of online dictionaries and search engines, the need for a heavy dictionary on our shelves has significantly decreased.


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Fax machines were once a staple in offices, but with the advent of email, scanning, and digital file sharing, faxing has become a less important means of communication.

Handwriting Checks

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Writing checks by hand used to be a common way to make payments. However, with online banking, electronic transfers, and digital payment platforms, the act of handwriting checks has lost its relevance for many.

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