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Krystal DeVille

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These are free downloadable for extra worksheets from our free STEM ebook. Along with all our STEM downloadable worksheets.

If you happen to stumble upon this without hearing of the 25 STEM Activities book, feel free to download that as well.

This is a 50-page book dedicated to STEM activities you can do at home. Everything you’ll need to complete these activities you probably have at home already, if not, I list out every item so you can find them easily at a supermarket or online.

Free STEM eBook

Here is where you can download all the worksheets from the eBook so you don’t have to download them individually. Most of these worksheets are already included in the PDF, but some additional resources are here as well, (such as the Lego Landmarks).

Scavenger Hunt.

Microscope Observations.

microscope observation free worksheet

Engineering Design Process.

Flash Card Lego Landmarks. Theirs a few of these in the 25 STEM Activities eBook, but I included a few more in this PDF.

Flashcard Lego Landmarks Worksheets

Target Toss. Also, included is an example of a game my kids played.

Scientific Method Worksheet.

7 thoughts on “Free STEM Downloads, Worksheets, & Resources”

  1. Thank you so much for these! It’s often hard to connect the learning after an activity, and these are great ways for students to show their understanding.

  2. Fortunately, I have ” been around he barn” many times over and have not only seen but did quite a few of the activities with my own personal twist. Thank you for reminding me of some that I may use soon during Staff Development.

  3. I so appreciate this. Thank you. Home Schooling is the ultimate challenge to raising a child both financially and emotionally. This is a great ease in educating my son.

  4. Thank you so much for the great activities for our students. They love STEM activities so I am sure these will be a success.


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