10 Top Unconventional Things Parents Let Their Toddlers Play With

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We can all agree that kids are a little crazy. However, little humans find entertainment in the most surprising things. For example, a parent shared that their kids sometimes help them load their pill organizer. Other guardians chimed in the discussion.

Decoy Wallet

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A parent admits that letting their kid play with a decoy wallet saves them the headache of finding their credit card or ID. They’ve filled it with random old savings cards, blank gift cards, and business cards. Their daughter loves the wallet, and they do not have to worry about her throwing fits as she tries to grab the wallet at the grocery store. Sometimes, they pretend to pay with her library card. She’s happy to help with the bills.


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Who knew that candles are great toys? A candle enthusiast explains that they stock several candles in their linen closet. Once their kid discovers them, they carry them around and rearrange them on the floor. They also move the lids around, which is super weird. Once in a while, she scratches the wax but is yet to break or damage any candle.

Shoes and Socks

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Another parent said that their 1.5-year-old is obsessed with socks and shoes. She sits with a pile of socks at different corners of the room and tries them on. Then she shows off with glee to whoever is around and takes them off. She would rather do this than play with her toys.


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Several parents shared that thermometers are a big hit in their homes. One kid checks everyone’s temperature and pulls the cap off to check the ears. She has a whole routine and also checks the dog.

Spice Bottles

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Another contributor shares that they have a toddler tower where their kid can watch them cook and not stand between them and the stove. They let her play with tightly closed spice bottles, which she loves. She enjoys shacking and stacking them. Cinnamon sticks are her best, as she likes the noise they make.

The Car

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Kids love to copy what their parents do. One parent states their kid loves to pretend to drive. He jumps on the front seat, closes the door, and tells everyone bye. One of his favorite things is violently turning the wheel and messing with the knobs. The car is turned off, so there’s no need to worry. However, when you turn the car on after their play session, the volume is 100, and the AC blasts cold.

Emotional Support Duct Tape

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Who needs jewelry? One parent shares that their child went through a duct tape-carrying phase. She did not try to tear it off or stick it anywhere. Instead, she wore it like a bracelet. If anyone tried to take it off, she’d cry so horribly. Since she wasn’t hurting anyone, they allowed her to have it on her wrist.

A Lemon

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Imagine falling in love with a lemon. A mom confesses their child has a lemon as a best friend. It got lost once and they expected to find a messy mush pile somewhere. To their surprise, they preserved it perfectly. It now lives in the play kitchen.

Workshop Tools

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One mom says their husband has a set of tools their child can use under close supervision. She’s allowed to use a board with screws; she loves taking out screws and putting them in.

Her collection also includes a little screwdriver. In addition, she’s learning how to nail with a track hammer using large nails. They always sit around with her and ensure she’s safe. She has also been interested in cleaning the grill, raking, and stacking the charcoal.

The Vaccum

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Finally, a parent to a 2½-year-old explains their son loves to vacuum. He prefers visiting the vacuum aisle to the toy aisle and throws a tantrum when they have to leave. After getting a dust buster for Christmas, he enjoys vacuuming Cheerio spills and muffin crumbs.

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