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10 Tough Realities Parents Struggle to Face About Their Kids

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Being a parent is an incredible journey, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes, parents find it hard to accept certain ...

10 Things Kids Excel at That Adults Struggle With

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Kids have this amazing ability to do things that adults often find challenging. They bring a fresh perspective, boundless energy, ...

Why The Toddler Stage Is Way Better

Unpopular Opinion: Why The Toddler Stage Is Way Better

Krystal DeVille

Yes, as a parent, this is a new one for me too! There is a term such as “the potato ...

10 Big Things Mom Misses Most About Life Before Children

Krystal DeVille

Motherhood has always been the keystone of a healthy society, and with birthrates falling across the industrialized world, the need ...

James and the Giant Peach (1996)

From Page to Screen: Our Top 10 Movies Based on Children’s Books

Krystal DeVille

Children’s books are a great source of inspiration for movies. They offer rich stories, memorable characters, and imaginative worlds that ...


10 Skills from the “Good Old Days” That Aren’t Important Anymore

Krystal DeVille

Times change, and along with them, certain skills that were once considered valuable have become less significant in today’s world. ...

teacher with surprised look on her face.

Polite Habits Teachers Actually Dislike

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We all want to be polite and respectful to our teachers, but sometimes we unknowingly engage in habits that can ...

Ways to Supercharge Your Child’s Science Skills

10 Ways to Supercharge Your Child’s Science Skills

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When one holds their baby for the first time, it never occurs to them that they might have a science ...

Tired mother holding infant child and cooking.

What Kind of Parenting Style Do You Have?

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Parenting is a journey, filled with ups, downs, and countless learning moments. Just as every child is unique, so is ...

Unpopular Opinion: Americans Should Want to Homeschool Their Children Nowadays

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A concerned parent feels that when you look at the current state of the American public schooling system, you have ...