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Krystal DeVille

Sight Word Poems

It is an exciting time when your child starts reading.

It is a step in their development that widens their world in such a big way. They can start reading signs from their car seat window, entertain themselves with a book, and write little notes to friends and family.

A bridge that builds these reading skills is memorizing and understanding sight words. Whether your child is a self-motivated reader, or a bit hesitant to pick up a book. You can make sight word learning fun and exciting!

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What are Sight Words?

The definition of a sight word is within the name itself. A sight word is a word that your new reader can read instantly by sight. They are words that can not be broken apart by sounding it out using slow-paced phonetic blending. They are high-frequency words that are often used in reading texts.

The best way for your child to learn sight words is through memorization. Memorizing sight words increases the fluency of your reader. There are so many types of sight words, and the list of sight words continues to expand as your child’s reading level grows as well. 

Below is a list of sight word examples by grade level:

  • Kindergarten: be, but, do, have, he, she, they, was, what with
  • First grade: after, again, could, from, had, her, his, of, then, when
  • Second grade: around, because, been, before, does, don’t, goes, right, which, write
  • Third grade: better, carry, eight, laugh, light, myself, only, own, shall, together
  • Fourth grade: area, body, certain, complete, measure, notice, piece, question, usually
  • Fifth grade: among, course, equation, language, machine, minutes, produce, shown

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How to Teach Sight Words

Whether you are a teacher, parent, or homeschool parent, there are several fun and exciting ways to teach sight words. Since they need to be memorized, you can get creative with how to help your child accomplish that.

You can hang Post-it notes around the house and have your child read their Post-it sight words before their daily tasks. For example, hang a list in the bathroom, and before their nighttime routine, have them read out their sight words. Take it a step further by having them apply it in a sentence relating to their nighttime steps. (ex. I picked up my toothbrush. I brush my teeth.)

Make flashcards! Invite your child to make the flashcards with you. If they are a kinesthetic, hands-on learner, this can help with memorization. Have them include a picture that might help them remember that word!

You can also find pre-made sight word flash cards here.

Make a sight word game. Write down matching sight word cards and create a memory game. Flip all the cards over. Player one flips two cards over to see if it makes a match. If not, it is the next player’s turn. If yes, collect the match, then flip again!

Sight Word Poems

One of the most fun ways for your kid to memorize their sight words is by reading or making their own sight word poems.

It’s a great way of teaching sight words and spelling. We’ve got you covered with a few sight word poems of our own. Check them out, and feel free to write them down or print them out. Our list is for new readers!

Seasonal Sight Word Poems

It is cold.
I see snow.
The snow is white.
There is the sun.
The sun is yellow.
It is hot in the sun.
I need a coat.

Animal Sight Word Poems

I see a cat.
The cat is big.
The cat is black.
The cat ran.

There is a cow.
The cow says moo.
The cow is big.
The cow ate grass.

I see a dog.
The dog is small.
The dog is brown.
They like to eat.

She Sight Word Poems

She is funny.
She is a queen.
She is tall.
She is a firefighter.
She is _______. (insert your own)  

He Sight Word Poems

He is a vet.
He is a dancer.
He is fast.
He is ________. (insert your own)

And Sight Word Poems

Mom and Dad drive.
Cat and dog run.
Mom and dad swim.
Cat and dog play.

In Sight Word Poems

The milk is in the glass.
The ice cream is in the bowl.
The boy rides in the car.
The toy is in the box. 

Kindergarten Sight Word Poems

Kindergarten: be, but, do, have, he, she, they, was, what with

Be Kind” To be kind is to be nice, To share your toys and take advice. To help a friend who needs a hand, And be a good person in this land.

Butterfly” The butterfly is pretty, but so small, It flutters by and never falls. With wings of blue and wings of green, It’s the prettiest creature I’ve ever seen.

“What Do You Want?” What do you want, my little friend? Do you want a hug or a hand to lend? Or do you want a snack to munch, Or a story to read, while we have our lunch?

“They Play” They play with toys and games and more, They run and jump, and explore. They laugh and shout and have some fun, And when they’re done, they all go home.

She Can” She can climb the monkey bars, And reach for the sky and the stars. She can swing and slide and spin, And do anything with a big grin.

He Has a Dog” He has a dog, it’s brown and white, It barks and wags its tail with delight. He feeds it food and gives it love, And takes it for walks, in the park above.

Was It Fun?” Was it fun, to play in the sun? Was it fun, to run and have some fun? Was it fun, to laugh and be happy? Yes, it was, I’m feeling snappy!

What’s with the Rain?” What’s with the rain, it’s falling down? Is it crying or just playing around? It wets the grass and fills the pond, And makes a sound, like a sweet song.

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First Grade Sight Word Poems

First grade: after, again, could, from, had, her, his, of, then, when

After School” After school, I like to play, With my friends, all day. We run and jump and climb, And have a really great time.

Again and Again” I’ll try again, and again, Until I get it right, and then, I’ll be proud of what I’ve done, And feel like I’ve really won.

Could I Be” Could I be a superhero, With a cape and a power so, I can fly and save the day, And make the bad guys go away.

From the Sea” From the sea, the waves crash down, And make a sound, like a deep, low growl. They bring in shells and sea glass, And fill the shore with a lovely mass.

“He Had a Dream” He had a dream, of a world so bright, Where people lived in peace and light. He shared his dream with all he knew, And worked hard to make it come true.

Her Hat” Her hat is pink, with a big bow, It sits on her head, like a crown, you know. She wears it to school and when she plays, And it brightens up all her days.

His Bike” His bike is blue, with shiny wheels, He rides it fast, and sometimes feels, Like he’s flying, through the air, With the wind blowing through his hair.

“The Sound of Music” The sound of music fills the air, And makes me feel like I’m up there. With each note, I feel so free, And I know that’s where I want to be.

“The Colors of Fall” Of all the seasons, fall is the best, With leaves of gold, and red, and chestnut. The air is cool, and the sky is blue, And I can’t wait to see what’s new.

When the Sun Goes Down” When the sun goes down, and the stars come out, I like to watch them twinkle about. They light up the sky, like little lights, And make me feel like I’m taking flights.

Second Grade Sight Word Poems

Second grade: around, because, been, before, does, don’t, goes, right, which, write

Around the World” Around the world, I’d like to go, To see the sights and take it slow. To climb mountains and swim in seas, And live my life with joy and ease.

Because I Can” Because I can, I’ll do my best, And put my skills to the test. I’ll work hard and never quit, Until I reach my goal and hit.

Been There, Done That” Been there, done that, I’ve been around, And seen the world, and its wonders found. I’ve climbed the hills and swam in streams, And lived my life, like a crazy dream.

Before the Storm” Before the storm, the sky turns dark, And the wind picks up and leaves its mark. The rain falls hard and the thunder booms, And I can’t help but feel it looms.

“Does It Matter” Does it matter, what you wear, Or how you look, or what you bear? As long as you’re kind and do what’s right, Your heart shines bright, like a guiding light.

Don’t Give Up” Don’t give up, when things get tough, Just hold your ground and act so tough. You’re strong and brave, and you can fight, And make things happen, with all your might.

Goes the Train” Goes the train, chug-chug-chug, Through the countryside, like a bug. It passes towns and fields of green, And makes a sound, like a magic dream.

Right Here, Right Now” Right here, right now, I’m feeling great, And nothing can bring me down or negate. I’ll enjoy the moment, and take it all in, And feel the joy, that comes from within.

Which Way to Go?” Which way to go, left or right, Or take the path, that’s out of sight? I’ll follow my heart, and trust my gut, And make a choice, that’s in my best interest, no but.

Write It Down” Write it down, and make it clear, So you don’t forget, and always hear. Your thoughts and dreams, are important too, And you can make them come true, when you pursue.

Third Grade Sight Word Poems

Third grade: better, carry, eight, laugh, light, myself, only, own, shall, together

Better Every Day” I strive to be better every day, And work towards my goals in every way. I practice hard and never give in, Until I reach the top, and then begin.

Carry On” Carry on, when things get rough, And never give up, no matter how tough. You have the strength, to face the storm, And come out shining, like a true norm.

Eight is Great” Eight is great, a magic number, It’s even, it’s lucky, like a cucumber. It’s time to celebrate, and have some fun, With eight balloons, or a cake with an eight on the run.

Laugh Out Loud” Laugh out loud, and spread some cheer, It’s contagious, and can ease a tear. It lifts your mood, and makes you smile, And lightens up, even the heaviest pile.

Light Up the World” Light up the world, with your unique shine, And let your light, be a sign divine. You have the power, to make a change, And inspire others, to think and range.

Myself” I am myself, unique and true, And there’s nobody, quite like me, it’s true. I embrace my quirks, and all my flaws, And love myself, despite all the claws.

Only One” There’s only one, like me, it’s true, And there’s only one, like you too. We’re all unique, in our own way, And that’s what makes us, stand out and play.

“My Own Path” I’ll walk my own path, and pave my way, And live my life, in my own way. I’ll follow my heart, and trust my gut, And never give in, to someone else’s rut.

Shall We Dance?” Shall we dance, to the rhythm of life, And enjoy the music, that erases strife? Let’s move our feet, and let our hair down, And feel the joy, that’s all around.

Together We Stand” Together we stand, united and strong, And nothing can stop us, from moving along. We support each other, through thick and thin, And help each other, to always win.

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Fourth Grade Sight Word Poems

Fourth grade: area, body, certain, complete, measure, notice, piece, question, usually

Area of My World” The world around us is full of space, And every surface has an area to embrace. From the fields to the skies up high, There’s an area to measure and quantify.

Body and Mind” A healthy body and mind, make a great pair, And keep you going, without a single care. Exercise, rest, and healthy food, Are the secrets to keep your energy renewed.

Certain of Myself” I am certain of myself, and what I believe, And stand my ground, no matter how others perceive. I trust my instincts, and follow my heart, And never let anyone else tear me apart.

Complete the Puzzle” Every puzzle has a piece to fit, And every challenge has a way to get through it. You just need patience, and a little bit of skill, And you’ll complete the puzzle, without a single spill.

Measure of Success” Success is not just a monetary gain, But a measure of hard work, and determination in the brain. It’s the satisfaction of achieving a goal, And the pride of knowing, you’ve reached your soul.

Notice the Beauty” In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, It’s easy to miss the beauty and strife. Take a moment, and notice the colors around, And appreciate the beauty, that’s waiting to be found.

Piece Together the Clues” When you have a question, and you don’t know what to do, You piece together the clues, and find the answer, it’s true. You use your logic, and critical thinking, And soon enough, the solution starts blinking through.

Question Everything” It’s important to question, and seek out the truth, And never accept things, without some proof. Curiosity is the key, to unlocking new doors, And exploring the world, like never before.

Usually” Usually, things go according to plan, But sometimes they don’t, and it’s hard to stand. That’s when you need, your strength and your will, To face the challenges, and keep moving uphill.

Fifth Grade Sight Word Poems

Fifth grade: among, course, equation, language, machine, minutes, produce, shown

Among the Stars” Among the stars, I look up high, I watch them twinkle in the sky. They shine so bright and make me dream, Of galaxies and endless stream.

“On Course” I’m on course, I have a plan, To reach my goal, I know I can. I work hard every single day, To make sure I don’t lose my way.

“The Equation” The equation can be tough, But I know I have the stuff. With patience and a steady pace, I’ll solve it with a smile on my face.

Language of Love” The language of love is sweet, It makes my heart skip a beat. With every word and every kiss, I know I’m in a state of bliss.

“The Machine” The machine is sleek and strong, It works all day and all night long. With gears and wires and lots of power, It never stops, not even an hour.

Minutes Away” I’m just minutes away from my goal, I can feel it deep down in my soul. With each step I take, I get closer, To the finish line and my exposure.

Produce the Goods” To produce the goods, I need to try, And give my best before I say goodbye. With dedication and a little bit of luck, I’ll have my product and make a quick buck.

Shown the Way” I’ve been shown the way, I have a guide, To lead me through the maze and the tide. With wisdom and knowledge, I will succeed, And reach my destination, at great speed.

Wrapping Up Sight Word Poems

The season of learning to read is a spectacular time for you to get involved with your child’s development. We hope that these poems provide excitement, support, and connection for you and your new reader!

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