12 Best Short Answers to People When They Ask Why You Homeschool

Krystal DeVille

Answers to People When They Ask Why You Homeschool

As a homeschooling parent, you probably get numerous questions about your education choices. In addition, family members, friends, and even strangers often flood you with questions about the ins and outs of homeschooling.

This can be frustrating, as it may feel like people are questioning how you raise your kids. However, some people are genuinely interested and do not intend to start a dumpster fire. Here are a few answers that other homeschooling parents give when asked why they homeschool.

1. The Harsh Reality of Schools Today

A former public school teacher states that they have firsthand experience of schools today through their fifteen years of teaching. It’s nothing like the romanticized memories that people from a generation or two ago have.

2. I’m Selfish With My Kids

A parent says they worked hard to make their kids and want to spend quality time with them. They had children because they wanted to raise them. Their kids are pretty likable, so they want to spend every minute with them.                  

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3. It’s the Best Fit for the Family

“It’s the best fit for my family.” This user shares that if they feel like the person asking the question has a negative intent, they serve them with a polite nonanswer. They often say it was the best choice for the family and change the subject.

4. My Child Has Special Needs 

So many bad things happen to kids with special needs in school. Several answers covered the sad fact that special needs children fall through the cracks. They do not get the attention they need in a conventional school.

5. I Want My Kids To Love Learning

Isn’t it ridiculous when kids need permission to go to the bathroom? One person says they want to give their kids the freedom to do many extracurriculars. They are free to read interesting books and get a sip of water whenever they need it.

6. Conventional School Is Exhausting

After a day of having information thrown at them, kids only want to watch TV or play video games. A mom shares that in one day of homeschooling, they caught a huge horsefly and examined it using a magnifying glass. It’s incredible to see kids curious and learning naturally. Homeschooling is a lifestyle. You get to do life with your kids.

7. Homeschooling Grows Your Kid’s Imagination

“Homeschooling grows your kid’s imagination.” One parent said that rather than being indoctrinated to fit into a system, homeschooling allows exploration.

8. More Socializing Time

Several homeschooling parents note that homeschooling allows them to complete schoolwork earlier. They then spend the rest of the time visiting friends and family.

9. Kids Exist in the Real World

The school system offers a structured way of interaction, which is often unrealistic. One parent shares that homeschoolers experience different situations and interact with people of all ages.

10. School Is Horrific

One user shares their severe bullying experience in the K12 system. The teachers in charge did not try to stop this. Instead, they took part in it and encouraged the bullies. This drained them emotionally and mentally, resulting in depression. 

Luckily, they started homeschooling in middle school and began flourishing. Although it took years to deprogram, this system grew their creativity, curiosity, and personality.

11. You Can Pace Your Kids

Another parent suggests that one hour of homeschooling is equivalent to four or five hours of public school. Homeschool focuses more on actual learning since the educator doesn’t need to waste time reprimanding disruptive students. 

Kids get more attention in areas where they need help. If they are ahead on certain subjects, they do not need to delay for other kids to catch up.

12. Public School System Is Survival

Have you checked the student: teacher ratio at your closest public school? Most schools have few teachers who must provide results or lose their jobs. Teachers struggle to squeeze out the intellectual ability of every student to record good grades. It is challenging to notice kids in a crisis, as everyone is trying to stay afloat.

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