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Sphero Activities.

Missed buying a Sphero 2.0 or the new BB-8 Droid by Sphero on Black Friday? This is our top pick to purchase this holiday season for educational STEM toys in 2022.

Sphero activities are endless, within both the home and in classrooms. If your class has a STEM budget or a computer science or robotics club, consider these programmable robotics with endless education potential. Students can program their Sphero within the Lightning Lab app on any device by using visual block commands.

We recommend either the Sphero 2.0 or for the Star Wars fans; the BB-8 Droid is going to be the biggest hit under the Christmas tree!

Sphero 2.0

sphero 2.0 black friday deals

Sphero 2.0 Cyber Monday Deal: Check to see if it’s still available on Amazon 

The classic Sphero design made it better, faster, lighter, and more durable.

Purchasing for a school? This is what you want! Or buy directly from Sphero, as they offer 12-pack boxes for educators.

 BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Wristband

Sphero Activities.


Cyber Monday BB-8 Droid Deal: Check to see if it’s still available on Amazon 

Last year’s newest edition to the Sphero product line is this cool droid, the best gift for a Star Wars fan interested in programming and robotics! The BB-8 Droid is so much fun; we doubt it will even be received or recognized as an educational toy. Programming the droid to complete tasks, conquer an obstacle course, and more will

Additionally, you can buy a Force Wrist band with this new droid that allows you to control this Sphero with gestures –  a new addition not possible with the original Sphero.

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