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Woman ignoring her partner on the couch at home in the living room.

7 Signs of a Toxic Relationship & How To Get Out of It

Krystal DeVille

You’ve probably felt that gut-wrenching sense something’s off in your relationship. There’s a name for that: it’s called a toxic ...

close-up wooden alphabet blocks, DYSLEXIA word on white background, dyslexia awareness, help with reading, learning difficulties, human brain development, literacy problems.

15 Famous People With Dyslexia Who Have Changed Our World

Krystal DeVille

Famous people with dyslexia span various industries, such as science, entertainment, business, and art. They illustrate that dyslexia, often misunderstood ...

10 Most Amazing Facts About Space

Krystal DeVille

Space, the final frontier, is a vast, mysterious place that continues to fascinate us. Its infinite expanse and the celestial ...

Honest Opinions About Homeschooling Children With ADHD

10 Honest Opinions About Homeschooling Children With ADHD

Krystal DeVille

Parents with neurodivergent kids often struggle to decide whether or not to try homeschooling.   Unfortunately, many public schools in ...

10 Honest Insights: How Do You Make Your Kids Eat Vegetables They Don’t Like?

Krystal DeVille

Most parents know the pain involved in getting a child to eat anything green or that grows in the ground. ...

Worst Parts About Having a Child

10 Absolute Worst Parts About Having a Child

Krystal DeVille

What’s the worst part of having a child, and why is it worrying? Am I right, moms? I don’t think ...

Essential Tips for Building Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Krystal DeVille

Emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and manage emotions, is crucial for navigating life’s ups and downs. It’s just as ...

Students in a classroom.

What is STEM? What You Need to Know

Krystal DeVille

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is more than just a group of subjects. It’s a way ...

My laser engraver on a school table.

Laser Engraving: STEAM Education and Creative Expression

Krystal DeVille

Home laser engraving has become an easy entry point into STEM and STEAM education. I’ve watched this technology peak students’ ...

xTool F1 laser cutter review.

xTool F1 Laser Engraver Review: Performance and Precision

Krystal DeVille

The xTool F1 is for those who want a portable and powerful laser engraver. Power to engrave and cut a ...