Exploring the Best Chemistry Sets for Kids’ Scientific Discoveries!

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best chemistry set for kids

Is your kid always mixing things together and doing experiments?

Are you starting to run out of things in your cupboard for them to safely experiment with and hoping that there is another way to encourage your budding young scientist?

Well, we are here to help! Today we will be looking at some of the top science project kits this year to help determine the best chemistry set for kids.

More specifically, we will be checking out some of our favorite science projects for children of different age groups, so you can be sure to find the best chemistry set for your kid’s age and skill level.

Best Chemistry Set for Kids Age 2+

Best Chemistry Set for Kids Age 2+

This Colorful Chemistry kit from KiwiCo is the perfect choice for toddlers who are just learning and exploring colors. Kids can learn about the scientific method (free download from us) while mixing different colors and chemicals to create a colorful, bubbly chemical reaction!

This science kit includes instructions for some kitchen experiments as well, so kids can also learn about the different chemical reactions that occur in their everyday lives.

It even comes with a “mess mat” and a little container that can hold any of the mess made by their chemistry experiments, so you do not have to risk staining or ruining your own things!

For some easy chemistry experiments with stuff you already have in your kitchen, check out our article, 15 Easy Kitchen Science Experiments.

Best Chemistry Set for Kids Age 5+

Best Chemistry Set for Kids Age 5+

Since they do it so well, our pick for the best chemistry set for kids with the recommended age being 5 and up is another offering from KiwiCo, the Oil + Water Chemistry set.

In this kit, kids will use the scientific method to explore what happens when you mix oil and water together and look at some density experiments.

There are some fun and exciting projects in this science kit, with junior chemists being able to do experiments themed around things like underwater volcanos and even fireworks! They can also experience mixing their love for science with art, as there are also materials and instructions for creating a special postcard and a ship in a bottle.

Wait! I cannot decide. I know my kids will love both products – can I get a discount if I buy both?

Young Chemist 3-Pack

Well, we have some great news for you – you can save over $10 if you get these in KiwiCo’s Young Chemist 3-Pack! This pack also includes a Crystal Chemistry Garden kit, where kids will create a garden with watercolors and felt pieces and then mix up a solution that will have their garden growing crystals over a couple of days.

All the kits in this pack are suitable for 5 and up, so if you have multiple young kids or just a child who is really into science, this would be an excellent choice!

Best Chemistry Set for Kids 7+

Best Chemistry Set for Kids 7+

For inquisitive young chemists that are a little older and may not need as much supervision when they conduct experiments, there is this Color Chemistry Arctic Lab set from Crayola.

This set has easy, step-by-step instructions for 50 experiments, with supplies for 18 of them that kids can do right out of the box!

These experiments were designed with simplicity in mind, as encouraging kids with do-it-yourself projects such as these will help them grow confidence in their science skills and beyond.

Best of all, all the supplies included in this kit are safe and non-toxic, so you do not need to worry about anyone getting hurt if your kids do want to try this on their own without your assistance.

Best Subscription-Based Chemistry Set for Kids 10+

Best Subscription-Based Chemistry Set for Kids 10+

If you have older kids who are really into chemistry and have maybe already tried kits like the ones mentioned above, then you may want to consider a monthly subscription service. The MEL Chemistry subscription provides a lot of products for under $40 a month!

First, they will get a starter kit with the equipment they will reuse for nearly all the experiments they will receive in the mail, including a Molecular Viewer, which can turn any smartphone into a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Kids will have access to over 33 different VR chemistry lessons through this app to learn about molecular structures and other chemistry-related concepts.

Now, these lessons are just in addition to the experiment set filled with 2-3 experiments that will be sent to your door each month.

There are MANY different concepts to be explored through these sets, with experiments looking at iron corrosion, foam eruption, chemical reefs, and even rocket science, just to name a few.

If that is not enough, your child will also have access to live lessons with science teachers based on the experiments, providing more explanation and content to complement the concepts covered in the kits.

 Currently, the starter kit, VR headset, VR lessons, and even shipping are free with the purchase of the monthly subscription set, so if you have a chemistry-loving older kid in your life, now is the perfect time to subscribe!

We have a guide on the best STEM subscriptions for kids. You’ll receive monthly activities and science experiments at your door.

A Final Thought on the Best Chemistry Set for Kids

There is a chemistry set for kids out there that is suitable for just about anyone, from toddlers up to teenagers. While manufacturers do create sets with certain age groups in mind, it is also important to consider your kid’s skill level.

If they are a little bit older but brand new to scientific concepts, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start them with a kit aimed at younger kids.

On the other hand, if your kid is on the younger side but has a firm grasp of some scientific concepts, then perhaps a kit aimed at older kids or teens may be a better fit (this may require a bit more help from you, of course).

No matter how old your kid is, though, it may never be too early or too late to spark or develop a love of science. With a solid introduction to chemistry and the scientific method early in life, who knows what they could grow up to create?

We put together a list of Home Made chemistry experiments you can do at home. These are quick and easy and most can be done indoors.

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