Fun Sci Tricks with Common Household Items

5 Amazing & Fun Sci Tricks with Common Household Items

Krystal DeVille

Looking for some fun and educational activities for kids using common household items? Children love to experiment. Whether it’s blowing ...

Educational subscription boxes for teens

Awesome & Educational Subscription Boxes for Teens

Krystal DeVille

STEM goes well beyond younger kids. There is a wide variety of teen STEM kits available for older kids interested ...

Microscope Activities for Kids

Microscope Activities for Kids – Fun Experiments Kids Will Love

Krystal DeVille

Just about every child has wanted their own microscope! Before buying a microscope for your child, do you know what ...

How to Make Your Own Bouncy Balls at Home

Krystal DeVille

These homemade bouncy balls are so easy to make, and you only need a few supplies. I’ll admit, they don’t ...

6 Simple Chemistry Experiments for Kids that You can do at Home

Krystal DeVille

Learning at home can be really fun! Especially with these fun chemistry experiments for kids. Kids love seeing their “volcano” ...

7 Exciting Projects for Teaching Kids about Electric Circuits

Krystal DeVille

Have you ever wondered what happens when you flip on a light switch or turn on the TV? What does ...

12 of the Coolest Winter Science Experiments & STEM Activities

Krystal DeVille

The weather may be getting chilly, but that means plenty of time for fun winter science experiments! This is the ...

Snowflake Science Activity: How to Collect & Observe Snowflakes Under a Microscope

Krystal DeVille

If you live in an area where snow is a regular occurrence, you can do more than look at snowflake ...

Girls in STEM

9 Classic Science Experiments to Do with Your Kids

Krystal DeVille

Let’s face it: Kids need things to entertain them during breaks from school. As tempting as it can be to ...

How to Make Rainbow Crystals

Krystal DeVille

Creating crystals is one of my favorite science experiments! I used to make borax crystal Christmas ornaments when I was ...

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