Egg and Soda Science Fair Experiment Tooth Decay Project

Egg and Soda Science Fair Experiment: Tooth Decay Project

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Healthy teeth are essential for your overall health! They make it a breeze for our mouths to form words and ...

Best Scientific Toys for adults

Best Scientific Toys for Adults: Unique Gifts

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KiwiCo vs MEL Science

KiwiCo vs MEL Science: A Complete Breakdown

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Clicbot Review

Clicbot Hands-on Review – See How the Best Coding Robot Operates

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Yellow Scope Review

Yellow Scope Review: Chemistry for the Next Generation of Girls

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The Best STEM Learning Kits

STEM-tastic! The Best Learning Kits for Budding Scientists

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Teaching STEM is fun, but it can often involve a lot of preparation for even the simplest experiments. Luckily, several ...

Genius Box Review

Genius Box Review (hands-on + Coupon Code)

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Genius Box is a well-balanced STEM subscription for kids. Most educational subscription boxes focus on one subject, such as science, ...

The Curiosity Box Review

Curiosity Box Review (hands-on + Coupon Code)

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Curiosity Box provides a different take on STEM subscription boxes. Curiosity Box provides science experiments for kids and adults but ...

Mel Science Review

Mel Science Review (hands-on + Coupon Code)

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Green Kid Crafts Review

Green Kid Crafts Review (hands-on + Coupon Code)

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With so many STEM and STEAM subscription boxes out there, my kids were thrilled to check out the Green Kid ...