The Best STEM Toys for Girls (for Learning & Fun!)

You’ve seen the Goldie Blox commercial of three engineering girls building a contraption throughout their house, right? If not, definitely watch it (link down at the bottom of this page).   Goldie Blox isn’t the only STEM toy focused on encouraging girls to explore science, technology, engineering, and math. There is a significant uptick in engineering-focused … Read more

Best STEM Camp for Kids in 2024 – Our Top Picks

Best STEM Camp for Kids - Our Top Picks

Summer day camp can be a great avenue for learning these days! If you have a young scientist of math genius at home, STEM camps are a great form of kid’s camp that combines learning and fun. These camps provide valuable skills that can further help your children in their careers. There are various online … Read more

Awesome & Educational Subscription Boxes for Teens

Educational subscription boxes for teens

STEM goes well beyond younger kids. There is a wide variety of teen STEM kits available for older kids interested in further developing their love of all things STEM! Whether their interest is chemistry, engineering, chemistry, or something else, there is a STEM kit out there for them. We’ve found the best and most interesting … Read more

Arduino Uno vs. Elegoo Uno – Why Kids Will Love Development Boards!

stem toy gifts DIY computers

The unique Arduino or Elegoo experience is excellent for building a foundation on coding, wiring, and eventually designing electronic projects of your own. It’s great for learning the basics of how sensors and actuators work and can be an essential tool for your ever-changing prototyping needs. Both Arduino and Elegoo boards, and starter kits, are … Read more

7 Cool & Exciting Makey Makey Games & Projects to Get You Started

Makey Makey is an invention kit aimed at getting kids to use their imagination and be an inventor! It’s gaining popularity just because of how much you can do with a single kit. All you need to get started is the Makey Makey board, alligator clips, a USB cable, and your imagination. The Makey Makey … Read more