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Putting the front on the coding robot

The Impact of Hands-On Learning on STEM Education Outcomes

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In STEM education, hands-on learning experiences have made a huge difference. Once it’s applied, hands-on learning is like a light bulb moment; ...

Walk in the Footsteps of Kings: Must-See Historic Places in Europe

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Ah, Europe! A continent steeped in history, where every cobblestone and corner seems to whisper tales from the past. From ...

Students sitting at desk in the lab and learning 3D printing

What are Makerspaces? Unleashing Creative Potential for Everyone

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In a makerspace, you’re stepping into a hub bubbling with creative energy. This is where people come together to turn ...

Sphero Activities.

7 Best Sphero Activities in the Classroom (for Every Subject!)

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The possibilities to teach programming with a Sphero in the classroom are endless! If you already have a Sphero and ...

Building a skyscraper

7 Best Building Toys for Future Engineers

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Building toys are among the best to encourage creativity as kids create skyscrapers, bridges, and so much more!  We have ...

Eye-Opening Education Facts: Learn What’s Truly Happening in Classrooms

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Education has always been a cornerstone for societal growth. Learning about educational facts and Statistics can be eye-opening for teachers ...

CrowBot BOLT vs. Makeblock mBot Neo

11 Best Coding Robots to Teach Kids to Code (for all ages!)

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Teaching your kids how to code when you don’t know how to code yourself can seem intimidating. Luckily, there are ...

student using virtual reality AR at school with a talking teacher.

The controversial use of artificial intelligence in STEM classrooms

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in STEM classrooms has been quite controversial lately. This has been a hot topic ...

My son learning coding with a Raspberry Pi

How to Explain Coding to Kids: Simple Strategies for Young Minds

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If your kids are interested in coding or just have a few questions about it, you’re in luck. Coding opens up a new world for ...

My son looking at a tide pool at Shell Beach, La Jolla.

Ocean Facts for Kids: Discover the Wonders Beneath the Waves

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If you’re looking for intresting facts about the ocean then you’ve come to the right place. These ocean facts are ...