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How to keep kids crafts Organized

How to Keep Kids’ Crafts Organized: 9 Ideas

Krystal DeVille

No parent has escaped it. We’ve all watched our beautifully organized craft areas turn into a sticky, giant mess overnight ...

The Best Subscription Boxes for Toddlers

Top Subscription Boxes for Toddlers’ Learning and Fun

Krystal DeVille

Subscription boxes for toddlers have been hot on the market for the past few years. From clothing boxes to snack ...

Fall STEM Activities You Can Do at Home

4 Fall STEM Activities You Can Do at Home

Olivia Rae

The changing seasons create many opportunities to engage in critical thinking and STEM activities. Children note the changing seasons, and ...

kiwiCo Atlas vs. Little Passports

kiwiCo Atlas vs. Little Passports: 5 Differences to Consider

Krystal DeVille

In this comparison of KiwiCo Atlas vs. Little Passports, I show you everything my kids liked and disliked about each ...

Best STEM LEGO Engineering Kits

Best LEGO Engineering Kits for STEM Enthusiasts

Krystal DeVille

Sometimes it may seem that learning and playing are mutually exclusive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There ...


GIGIL STEM Kits Review: A New Adventure Every Month

Krystal DeVille

GIGIL STEM Kits is a well-thought-out educational subscription box you’ll receive monthly. This subscription kit is geared towards kids aged ...

How to Incorporate STEM and Legos Into the Classroom

How to Incorporate STEM and Legos Into the Classroom

Krystal DeVille

Teachers have found many benefits in incorporating STEM and Legos in the classroom. If you have to come up with ...

Best Magna Tiles for Toddlers

Best Magna Tiles for Toddlers: See How They Stack Up

Krystal DeVille

Magna Tiles are one of the best STEM toys for toddlers I’ve come across! They have a ton of flexibility ...

generic magna tiles

Best Alternative to Magna Tiles: Hands-on Tested

Krystal DeVille

My family loves Magna Tiles because they are durable, simple, and can be put together in any shape your kids ...

How to clean magna tiles

How to Clean Magna-Tiles

Krystal DeVille

Parents know the investment of quality toys can be financially costly but worth it for toys that last the test ...