Build Your Own Robot Car: Reviewing the Open Source CrowBot BOLT

CrowBot BOLT Review

Robotics technology has come a long way in recent years, and now it’s easier than ever to build your own coding robot. With the open-source CrowBot BOLT, anyone can construct an autonomous vehicle and learn to code with it. In this review of CrowBot BOLT, we’ll discuss all the features and how it stacks up … Read more

Wonder Workshop Black Friday Deals (Complete List of Where and What to Buy!)

WonderWorkshop in the classroom

Wonder Workshop is the original STEM and coding robot for kids. With one of these adorable bots, you can help coding come to live in a fun, interactive way for children, which makes it one of my FAVORITE toys for the 2022 holiday season. Since they are a big budget item for a Christmas list, … Read more

Best Toys for Little Engineers: They’ll Actually Love and Use!

Best Toys for Little Engineers

If you have a young engineer in your home, then you should definitely feed their curiosity. What better way than toys that help the kids learn and are fun simultaneously? Keeping that in mind, let us go through some of the best engineering toys that caught our attention. What Is an Engineering Toy Engineering toys … Read more

Clicbot Hands-on Review – See How the Best Coding Robot Operates

Clicbot Review

ClicBot is an intelligent coding robot suitable for both education and entertainment. In this review of Clicbot, I’ll go over everything my kids liked and disliked about Clicbot. We’ll take a deep dive into how the robot works and how to set it up correctly. I’ll also compair it to other robots to see if … Read more

7 STEM Tech Reviews – Our Top Picks

STEM Tech Reviews

In recent years, the “T” in STEM has been the most popular discipline in the acronym and has found its way into other disciplines in STEM. This is why it’s important to teach students about technology, no matter what STEM discipline they’re interested in. From coding to engineering, young learners can do plenty of activities … Read more

Awesome & Educational Subscription Boxes for Teens

Educational subscription boxes for teens

STEM goes well beyond younger kids. There is a wide variety of teen STEM kits available for older kids interested in further developing their love of all things STEM! Whether their interest is chemistry, engineering, chemistry, or something else, there is a STEM kit out there for them. We’ve found the best and most interesting … Read more

11 Best Coding Robots to Teach Kids to Code (for all ages!)

Teaching your kids how to code when you don’t know how to code yourself can seem intimidating. Luckily, there are coding robots for kids. Even if you don’t know anything about coding yourself, your kids can learn the fundamentals of programming with these codable robots. And the best part? Coding robots make learning to code … Read more

Snap Circuits vs. LittleBits – What’s the Best Electronics Kit?

Best electronic kits for kids

Childhood is a time of exploration and learning, which is why it is so important to start building 21st-century skills. Nothing says 21st-century learning like exploring circuitry and what better way to do this than through the use of electronic kits? Introduce your child to electronics and circuits using littleBits or snap circuits – two … Read more

7 Fun Activities with Botley the Coding Robot: Home and School

You know how much we love coding robots! They present an easy and fun ways for kids to learn the fundamentals of programming. And some are even geared for younger children! Even your 5-year-old can begin exploring and developing their STEM skills. Our favorite programmable bot for young learners? Meet Botley. This guide serves to … Read more

12+ STEM Toys Your 7 & 8-Year-Olds Will Love

In second grade, students are learning about life science, how the earth was shaped, defining problems, and more. The science curriculum for 7 to 8 year-olds varies by state, but these are just a few concepts you can expect. In math, students are learning to use standard units of measurement, developing their addition and subtraction … Read more