9 Best kiwiCo Alternatives & Competitors Compared in 2024

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KiwiCo Alternatives

Subscription boxes for kids are all the rave these days, in large part due to KiwiCo.

But, you’re looking for KiwiCo alternatives or subscriptions like KiwiCo. The good news, there are a ton of STEM subscription boxes out there, and my kids have hand-tested dozen of them.

My kids love KiwiCo. We’ve had a subscription for years, but that’s not to say we haven’t found great KiwiCo alternatives. Each subscription box specializes in something specific, and I go through the best ones we’ve found, and what my family loves about them.

Why a STEM Subscription Box

Before we dive into other great STEM subscription boxes like KiwiCo. Let’s first touch on why a STEM subscription box may be a good fit for your kids or make a great gift. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The benefits of STEM education are vast. A key component of STEM learning is using real-world problems to explore, and problem-solve. Therefore, building support for a child’s intrinsic motivation to brainstorm their own ideas and experiment to solve the problem.

There is evidence that engaging learning like this stimulates creativity and builds on life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. There is nothing like getting a small box in the mail to bring these opportunities into your own home.

Thanks to all of these subscription boxes below, you can make that happen!

Since my family is a big fan of subscription boxes, you are in luck! We have done a deep dive into each one. Be sure to check out our full reviews to get more information on which boxes may be the right fit for you.

Subscriptions Like kiwiCo

You can have a number of reasons why you’re looking for alternatives to KiwiCo. If one of them is because you haven’t found anything in the age range you’re looking for, I have a great buyer’s guide to KiwiCo.

KiwiCo Review

In this review, I break down every age group and the categories they offer. If you’re looking for alternatives for any other reason, these are the best subscription boxes like KiwiCo, but they offer something a little different.


puzzle wheel

Lovevery (pronounced Love-every) is a hot  STEM at an early age subscription box on the market right now for infants and toddlers (0-4 years old).

While it may not have the offerings for older kids that some of these other boxes do, we think it makes up for it in various ways.

Lovevery is the best KiwiCo alternative for kids 4 years old and under.

The Lovevery box is incredibly well-researched, with a full list of advisors from a certified positive discipline trainer to a professor of human neuroscience. Their motto is stage-based play for early development, through implementing a Montessori approach.

Keep in mind, their subscription is delivered every two months.

Check out our full Lovevery Review.

Lovevery hands-on review

Why we love it:

  • The delivery structure allows time for your child to explore the many ways you can use the materials.
  • The support they provide for parents. They give you recommendations on how to engage with your child using the materials to enhance their development. 
  • Kids learn through play with Lovevery.

You can find more information and current prices of all the Lovevery kits on their site here.

Mel Science

Inside of a Mel Science box

Mel Science is the best one-to-one comparison to KiwiCo.

Mel Science thrives on being an “out of the box” (no pun intended) subscription service. They say they are different from the rest, by making it their mission to make science FUN and exciting for everyone. Not just those who are interested in science.

They offer boxes for every age, which you can filter through on their website to see which one may be the best for your child. Their boxes are organized by science subjects like coding, math, STEM, physics, chemistry, and medicine.

Yup, you read that right – medicine. We can attest that their boxes are wildly engaging. 

Check out our full Mel Science Review, where we deep dive into what makes Mel Science a great KiwiCo alternative.

Mel Science Review

Why we love it:

  • Their kits get kids excited about science!
  • Backed by research through the New Jersey institute of technology.
  • They spotlight the benefits of learning with Technology. Offering immersive online classes and lessons.

You can see all of the projects offered by Mel Science here.

Little Passports

Suitcase from little passports

When I ask my kids what has been their favorite subscription box, they always say Little Passports. Little Passports really is one of the best alternatives to KiwiCo.

Many of you may have heard of Little Passports. They were one of the first subscription boxes of their kind.

Little Passports’ main mission is to provide an educational resource for children to explore and celebrate culture.

For ages 3-10, your child will be able to earn a stamp in their passport and travel the globe with monthly art and science activities, stories, and more.

They are a subscription box that has also expanded science they began. They now offer several themed boxes like their Science and Science Jr. Expedition box (STEM), Space box, and their Animals Wild box. We think Little Passports is a super organized, straightforward subscription box (which has also won a few awards).

You’ll find our hands-on Little Passports Review right here.

Little Passports Review

Why we love it:

  • It teaches diversity, adventure, and encourages exploration.
  • We love the characters that provide stories and guidance!
  • They have a newsletter to receive discounts and free DIY screen-free, STEM experiments, and hands-on activity ideas.

Check out the current price and the latest theme from Little Passports here.

Green Kid Crafts

Inside the Green Craft Kids box

We love Green Kid Crafts! One of the things we love most about this STEAM-based subscription box is the inspiration for how it started.

The creator is a mother and environmental scientist who had a mission to create something that engages kids with the world around them. While integrating a splash of creativity. 

What is Stem VS. Steam? As you can see, STEAM has an additional acronym, “A,” which stands for art. STEAM simply makes room for the arts, and a Green Kid Craft box blends STEM with art in an impressive way. Over time they have grown to provide a variety of themed boxes.

Check out our full Green Kid Crafts Review.

Green Kid Crafts Review

Why we love it:

  • They don’t just offer 1 or 2 activities. They offer 4-6 open-ended activities that can be explored for hours.
  • Their love and support for sustainability and the environment.
  • The integration of art and STEM.

You can see the current price of Green Kid Crafts here.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Reviewing the box

Groovy Lab in a Box trademarks itself as the original subscription box for “STEM-ists.” If that doesn’t scream STEM to you, we don’t know what does!

Groovy Lab has two series boxes, the young creator series (4 to 7 years old) and the STEM-ist series (8 and up).

Groovy Lab in a Box has a monthly theme. Each month your child will receive a box based on the theme with multiple open-ended projects and a design challenge. If your child wants to further their learning. They offer an online portal called, “Beyond… in a Box.”

Check out our full Groovy Lab in a Box Review.

Groovy Lab in a Box Full Hands-on Review

Why we love it:

  • Supports STEM-related skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Beyond the box, online platform makes the whole investment worth it!
  • High-quality products and materials to add to your entertainment shelves!

You can find all the new projects and availability here.

Curiosity Box

What is inside The Curiosity Box

Have an older child you are looking for a STEM box for?

We highly recommend Curiosity Box (ages 13 and up).  Curiosity box was started by Vsauce, a science education network with billions of viewers. They definitely set themselves apart from other subscription boxes. How do you ask?

First, they are seasonal boxes that come once every three months. This allows you the time to fully engage with the high-quality science products they provide. Examples of products in their box include Newton’s cradle, a plasma orb, and an anamorphic kit. Cool science toys aren’t all though.

Why we love it:

  • The delivery of information with their tools and resources is digestible.
  • Another box with puzzles and products that will last beyond just a month.
  • It targets older kids who need more time away from screens.

You can take a look at our review of Curiosity Box right here.

The Curiosity Box Review

You can find the current price of The Curiosity Box here.

Womple Box

How much does Womple box cost

Womple box is a geography and science kit that supports children’s natural motivation to explore. Womple box offers two different subscriptions, the Dinobox (ages 3 to 5) and the Womple Box (ages 6 to 11).

In the Womple box you’ll take a trip with Womple to explore a new country through STEAM projects and stories.

From food, geography, and cultural traditions. Your child will become a true explorer. Their Dinobox (coming soon) is a sensory-rich, hands-on, project-based box for your dino lovers!

Check out our full Womple Box Review.

Womple Box Review

Why we love it:

  • Womple the mascot. His name derives from the word coddiwomple, which means to travel in a purposeful manner to an unknown destination.
  • Their blend of culture and STEAM. Your child gets exposure to every subject.
  • We love their motto of expanding your child’s worldview through storytelling and hands-on engagement.

Check out Womple Box and everything they have to offer here.

Genius Box

Whats inside the genius box

The Genius Box is another STEM-themed subscription box. The Genius Box club is for ages 7-12. Their box offers 3+ detailed hands-on experiments and projects that explore a STEM theme. Yes, we think their boxes are GENIUS.

Genius Box, like many of the others, makes it their goal to create an engaging experience for the problem solvers of our future. Their boxes range from design to engineering and provide high-quality materials.

This is something not to miss when it comes to a subscription box!

Check out our full Genius Box Review.

Genius Box Review

Why we love it:

  • A simple straightforward subscription process.
  • Properly translates STEM concepts into their boxes.
  • The Genius Box comes from a small business company named Annie’s. Annie supports creative designs and crafting.

See the current price of the Genius Box here.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide was a helpful resource for finding the right subscription boxes for you. We can’t rave about subscription boxes enough ourselves.

We truly feel like each one has something unique to offer. I have seen the benefits with my kids firsthand. They get excited every time a new box arrives at our doorstep, and it provides a time full of learning and fun that we all get to experience together. We hope you get to experience the same!

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